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our 7 or 11 layers of our subtle energy bodies(the aura)


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Our body is make of 7 subtle bodies consting the etheric being the most dense next to the physical body since the etheric holds all 7 of the subtle bodies. the physical being the absolute most sense to the left brained person.

This is going to throw alot of people off but the reason why is because we dont ususally run into the Earth star chakra in the average reports. and there last ones are:
8th, is called casual and the 9th is called the SOUL Star chakra. the 10th chakra is called the stellar gateway.

so instead of numbering them lets do it like this :)
Earth Star which contributes to the grounding of the body.
the Root Chakra is base/root. connects the body to the earth star this way the full grounding connection can be made for the body and not get sick due to too much excess energy.

etheric is between the physical body and the being the astral or what i like to call it is the emotional body since the emotions are what change the shape of the aura and are tghe most strong of any subtle body given low vibration the
3rd astral body is. to answer that is to move things consist of energy(moving nearly anything as long as it is allowed) but it takes energy to do so. the human body is also an electrical battery which is why we becomed drained, happened to me over and over and over. the number one energy that spirits use to do anything is electricity and emotionions including fear being number one which is why its so KEEP YOUR communication open with people. learn about the aura as much as possible, it will help you ina wealth of info I know it did me when i added the info that i already know on top of that REALLY HELPED
I must remind miself at times that have astral projected without my realizing it. Of course I could be coo coo lol.

Sometimes we can dream and astral project at the same time seriously! sometimes it very much depends on your consciousness state. your perspective. how far are you into this dream. also how far into the debunking are you to the subject.
All 7 bodies (linked to chakras) I wanted to wait before I broke them up in forms of vibration in terms of high and low.

The astral body is in other terms the emotional body(astral body) reshapes the aura VERY VERY often knowing what emotions and thoughts comes through the body knowing the amount it shapes and reshapes our actual aura. One shape one day and differently the next day depending on the amount of stress and emotion within ones life.

The mental aura is the "third" layer of our aura anatomy layers simply called the lower mental aspect of the mental typically yellow if your going by order of 1-7. in reality these colors will always be different, not all the time but almost all the time. It simply depends on the person, yes? from what ive seen, yes.

the 4th subtle body- correlates to the heart chakra and is typically a green layer. This is connected to to your heart center. open up that heart center and walk through the organic aueas of land(wildlife) the areas we are weant to be within in order to heal. nut ther dont want you to know that.

5th subtle layer of the aura connected to the 5th layer of the chakra. this layer in the aura is ocean blue depending on the persons mood. ive hsad mine baby blue before, the exact color of my eyes, it tripped me out! lol. speak as much emotion as you can for this blue chakra and it will clean this 5th layer exceedingly. Do not talk about personal problems you may end uop with cancer. which is easier, spending a good 5 minutes to express yourself, or deny it and receive cancer. there is info pertaining to this as evidence. give it a couple years and they will be arrested. i know i know thats all we hear however this time is different. i feel the election had woken up so many people it totally blew back in their NWO BUTTS!!

this layer sixth sense layer is your intuition and color indigo. this layer of the subtle body that is connected to your 6th chakra in turn is connected to your pineal gland. absolutely amazing!! Most think there are some more layer of aura and or chakra same goes for the root chakra, before this is which is called the Earth star Chakra which i had to say twice just incase someone didnt catch it.

This chakra is called the Crown chakra and subtle body and creates a very special layer. This chakra is the area we channel our energies including reiki and other energies whom help us including beings which are giving free to others. including watching from a very subtle point of view. I feel the crown and the intuition chakras and bodies very much work together more than id ever realized!

The soul star chakra is said to be where we exit out of our bodies and into the higher realms. The chakras from earth star to the solar plexus are very low vibratory chakras and the rest of them are as high into the light spectrum as we can get to. they vibrate soooo fast there no possible way to show on some graph lol.

stellar gateway subtle body. i found this message/quoate that i feel will be good here: The stellar gateway and soul star chakras are portals through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. The stellar gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The soul star is the filter through which the light is measured and flows. **link below**
[ https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=stellar+gateway+chakra+what+is+it ]


I love this picture illustration. it is perfect. I like how they attributed each archangel to the chakra. very entertaining. notice when your next to someone in the elevator and you feel really strange and you dont know why, you just want to bail out of a window lol!!jk! the truth is this, when you are next to someone who apposes your energy field, your energy known something is wrong. DO THIS, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. its better to look stupid and to save a life thank to do nothing at all regarding your intiuition.

our chakras send pulses. forexample our solar plexus pulses light to another solar plexus. sometimes people fall in love this way and other times it falls apart do to not understanding whats going on and this is precisely whats going on with the chakras and their pulsing into eachother, if its a right "vibration" you will be talking in no time! I didnt have much time to type this up. IF there is anything i forgot please include it. I went and did this in about an hour but i cant think straight last couple days.

not only do we have chakras on the major areas but we have them on our feetm fingers, elbows, back, face, shoulders EVERYWHERE!!!! keep your subtler bodies clean, keep your chakras clean. do this with visualkization and water bathers and showers with salt water. using sage is excellent. let all the anger go down the bottom of your feet into the earth. there are so many things! if you have any question doesnt matter what it is PLEASE feel free!
My name is Mike Farley my facebook is www.facebook.com/mike.farley.10
Unfortunately thats my only website LOL. I would like to make a part 2 of this article sometime soon. This subject is SOOO important i cant even joke about it right now,. its very serious ansd "THEY" are kitting us from EVERY angle.
I am asking for some assistance from those who aere able to give any kind of assistance. I feel something large coming down and this is not doom and glood, im just sharing my feelings. things may end up great and ill be called a fruit loop! LOL

Have a wonderful day guys, I thought it would be better to type up an article rather than find articles to post once in awhile i find it helps my creativity :)

Have a wonderful day ALL!!!
-Mike farley
P.S. lets use use reiki or energy every day for our auras and our chakras, this one thing has me if we dont do this i dont know what will happen. lets do it people lets DO IT!!!
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Thanks Mike for this post, wherever you may be right now!

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