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Jul 19, 2016
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Last month JAMA Internal Medicine published a paper done by three PhD researchers with findings that showed a significant reduction in the risk of cancer among high consumers of organic food in a population-based cohort study of just about seventy thousand French adults. Their recommendation: Promoting organic food consumption in the general population could be a promising preventive strategy against cancer.

Well, many of us already knew this, as it’s common sense to those in holistic areas, but because of the control system (cabal) that not only prevents certain technologies from becoming mainstream, for financial motivations they continue to control big pharma and block potential cures for cancer. I also suspect they do this to stop people growing on a spiritual level, as the healthier our bodies are, the more receptive we are to breakthroughs in personal consciousness evolution; we become less attached to elements of ego, which would mean a great loss in the consumerism scene.


Back in 1984 when Ian Gawler’s book, You Can Conquer Cancer, was first released, the medical authorities regularly made statements that there was no way the immune system could be activated to help fight cancer. Now a lot of the cancer research and breakthroughs hinge on activating the immune system. Also back in the eighties people were regularly told that what you ate made no difference to cancer outcomes and there was virtually no research in cancer nutrition being conducted—slowly this has been changing too. Recently the medical journey BMJ put out that a 10% increase in highly processed foods in your diet leads to a 10% increase in developing cancer.


I am not a medical professional, but what I would advise my clients as a healer if they came to me with cancer, would be similar to what I would do if I had it: Change and stick to an organic raw food vegan diet; do a few detoxes such as the lemonade/master cleanse; make sure there are no sources of chemical based products in the home (cleaning/washing, personal hygiene, plastic water bottles, etc); investigate any sources of radiation from electrical devices and/or radio electromagnetic waves (i.e. wifi, mobiles, transmission towers), combat them and/or remove them (shungite is a powerful crystal to block out radiation); make my own Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C (six to eight times more potent than an intravenous injection) and have high doses of vitamin c daily; use CBD oil; receive regular energy healing from a healer (once a week); look for a QHHT (past life regression) practitioner to locate the emotional link and help heal/resolve the condition; spend more time in nature, stay very positive and let go of any fear—which may include having to walk away from anyone promoting it.

So cancer can occur when the soul has not resolved and/or learnt an issue/lesson from either the current life or past lives from an emotional event.

There are many emotional based causes and the location the cancer forms is key to the emotional connection. It can originate from something like not accepting yourself, and not being who you planned to be in this life for soul progression. As an example, for breast cancer it can be about the inability to nurture yourself because you take on everybody else's problems; feeling guilty and wronged; too much worry and apprehension; lack of self-confidence and love;feeling like a victim.

From an astrological and spiritual viewpoint, some people will choose to experience cancer for their souls learning and also to make others aware of the need for a great change that is needed in attitudes regarding health, our planetary environment and so much more.

What if the person makes changes, yet still dies from Cancer?

When we plan our life before coming into it, we also plan and become familiar with our health and death; meaning if an aspect of our soul contract is to die from an illness, then it won't be able to be cured/healed no matter what is done. There are good reasons why this is so. There's exceptions to many, many aspects of life and this is one of them right here.

One of my aunties is about 93 or 94 now and has a typical meat and dairy based diet, including junk food (KFC each week).

There is overwhelming proof that changing the diet to vegan cures many different health conditions. I've had my own proof from doing just that. It's not just about boosting our immunity, improving our health and allowing us to live longer (studies also show vegetarians and vegans live longer) it's about our spirituality, as meat and dairy will create many blocks for us.

A Metaphysical Look

The level of soul progression can determine our choices and outcomes. What I mean is that each of us are different in the sense of the vibration we hold. There are volunteer souls, star seeds, and then regulars of Earth who have either had many lives (like old souls) or few.

Depending on where you are at, a change in diet may not be as effective and noticeable. This includes the urge/want/need to do so. You will get a feeling, an intuitive push to take notice of your body and adjust to what it needs, and this usually relates to the level of your soul progression, as the more sensitive we are, the more likely we are of a higher level. (Volunteers are already of a high level as they are here as a once off, to help with the shift in consciousness process so will likely have many sensitivities around diet and other areas of life.)

Our thoughts and belief systems are powerful, so for example if you believe your diet is healthy, with no doubts, then that goes towards making it healthy to a degree. If you have any fears, concerns and worries about your diet, that can open up the doors to impacting your immunity.

So if you are 110% set on the fact that if you go ahead and change to a so called "healthier diet" and that it won't have much of an effect, if any, then that has a heavy influence over the results. You are basically making yourself the victim (victim archetype—see Caroline Myss' material). The physical outcome will be greatly swayed based on your thoughts and beliefs.

Again, this is one of those exceptions to the general rule of changing to a healthier way of life and diet... you can block such changes even though you have made the change, simply through not being open enough to the possibility of helping and healing yourself.

My article on making Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C at home:
Organic Food Study:
A recent post by Ian Gawler.
And my article on why we get sick, if you've never come across it:
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Jul 28, 2016
Love this well researched look at so many of the things that can impact cancer!

And, yes, it becomes fascinatting, as one ages, to note how many fixed + seemingly immovable ideas about cancer (or any other subject) get completely turned on their head over time. It can really make one shake one's head + sigh, feel like beating one's head against the wall, or chuckle with the crinkles turning up at the corner of one's eyes.

Once we acknowledge the likelihood of any/all chronic diseases, like cancer, having multiple causes we can start to fix/avoid/do something about them. Currently, it seems to me, there are many people who do this individually. We probably all know someone who made significant lifestyle changes in recognition of the impact of such things on their health.
We also probably all know some parent or partner who has been supportive of another's health, e.g. their child's+ has made such changes for their sake.
If we look for them, most of us probably also live in communities where there are groups or practices which pool their resources to enable such changes for others whom they perhaps haven't even met. You could count the JAMA writers who did that research on organic foods impacting cancer in a population amongst this group, especially since that type of research takes years of dedicated effort!

Personally, I think that when we get to the level that 'everyone knows' that pesticides are something that we can and are going to live without it'll be party time!

Imagine a world where someone acknowledges that their caretaking of a sick loved one is having a hug impact on their health and where their boss kindly tells them they are overdue for some paid time off while their coworkers share the resources for self care and friends step in with a kind word, home cooked dinner or plans for a night out complete with babysitting without a single snicker in the room and you'll be describing a sort of heaven<3

This, to me, is how we progress; as individuals, then small groups, as ever bigger groups and eventually, as a our large human family.
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