Article On With the Revelation: Nine's Path Pleiadian Message, March 16 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
R M07 chariot.jpegWhat’s up? Obstacles, impediments, and delay. All of a sudden, there’s a sense of screeching to a halt and making a radical turn of direction. It’s something that many are experiencing at about the same time, so from your own point of view, it can look pretty chaotic. The indeterminate nature of the present moment throws normal forward movement into a very different trajectory. As wheels grind and torque in a way they seem not designed to do, you can find yourself holding your breath, perhaps while also letting off some long-built-up steam. As frustrating as circumstances now seem, as upside-down as normal life appears, take advantage of the pause. Within any change of direction comes a moment where movement is suspended. Within this zero point, something emerges. What is it, and how do you relate to it? Pause, and while you do, witness truth arising from where it’s been hidden from view.

Because everything is in a state of flux, it’s easy to feel ungrounded. Yet, because the normal overlay of reality has been scrambled, it’s less anchored, giving you more space in which to anchor yourself into what lay beneath it. What is that, which underlies the familiar structures, even as they give way? Beneath the foundations of the familiar is a field absolute. You know who you are in relation to all that you have known. Who are you in relation to this field? For the most part, it remains unexplored in itself, yet wholly familiar, homelike. Your trek has allowed you to develop ideas and self-concepts as you’ve moved through landscapes rooted in the field, timeless cornerstones upon which the narrative of your life has been built. As that gives way, what remains of who you have always known yourself to be? Structures give way. Let them fall, and with them the definitions you have attached to them, regarding yourself and your understanding of how things are.

Up until now, the great adventure of life has given you thrills, chills, and spills, some tragic, some edifying. All of the things you’ve experienced have provided you with the raw material with which you have constructed a meaningful array of self-reflective significance. In considering the territory of your life, you’ve known who you have been, through convolutions of self-discovery, extension, healing, and integrating aspects of your experience. Now, emerging from behind the most ancient storyline, you and all of humanity now approach entry to a field vast and featureless, one that nonetheless draws you inextricably toward transformation. You cannot rush this process of emergence. Relax, and trust, for you are following a path that’s been set in place by the ageless eyes of your ancestry. What you approach, what you are indeed entering and finding yourself amid, is nothing short of reality redefined. Know yourself by deepening your core integrity now. Gather yourself and prepare for the essential genesis of time itself. It’s time to wake from the dream.



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