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Nov 1, 2018
As we look at the possibility of our water and electric grid failing in some cities, we might face the monster Cholera again. I'm currently reading about cholera from an 1849 book, they didn't even have germ theory back then. The treatments, including arsenic and mercury, were often worse than the disease. I have included a recipe which brings down the mortality rate from 40% to less than 1%. It is in your interest to print his off and store it in a binder.


The person has huge amounts of diarrhea, which quickly become opaque like rice water, vomiting often occurs, abdominal cramps can occur but not all the time. Shaking can occur due to dehydration. People who have these symptoms should seek medical treatment within 1 hour.

Cholera the disease is caused by a bacterium *Vibrium cholerae*. The death rate of untreated cases ranges from 22-50%. The person normally dies in 24 hours of extreme dehydration. They should be treated with this rehydration drink.

**The rehydration solution:** In 1 liter of water (35.2oz) mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 6 level teaspoonfuls of sugar. Babies under 4 months old, for example, should get between 200 to 400 milliliters of this solution in the first four hours, whereas adults will need 2200 to 4000 milliliters in that timeframe.

Sugar helps cure cholera bringing the fatality rate from 30% to 1%. Salt helps rehydrate a patient which will lose both sodium and potassium from the diarrhea.


The most common cause is water contamination by someone else with cholera,
which spreads the bacterium. Bringing all water to a boil, and boiling it
for at least 10 minutes can kill the bacterium. A longer boil time may be
needed at elevations over 5000 feet, since water boils at a lower temperature
at higher elevations.
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