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Jul 25, 2016
(Laron: Note that this thread was in the context of the board being only about channeling. The channeling board has merged with two other boards, so this thread needs to be updated to reflect those changes, so until that happens I will leave this note here)

Channeling: The act of receiving, transmitting, and interpreting communications received telepathically, by revelation, or in a similar manner, from sources outside oneself, or messages thus received in print or through voice transmission.

Discernment: Perception, without judgment or coaching, for self-guidance leading to awareness of truth and intuitive avoidance of distracting or misleading information, based on observation of one's internal reactions to a source of information.

The purpose of this board is to encourage discussion on the act of channeling and various channeled messages. Rather than collecting various channelings, let's create meaningful discussion about what it is to communicate interdimensionally, where those communications might source from, and what they mean, either personally or for the world at large, or both, holographically.

This board serves the needs of those relatively new to the awakening process who are sorting through a sea of information, and those further along their path who choose to hone their understanding on particular topics. Everyone is welcome.

The moderators and many participants have years of experience with the topics discussed here. A goal of this board is to help stimulate growth and discernment. While awakening is a very personal experience triggered by various external materials, many seasoned students of light here have learned that some of the many channeled sources available on the Internet can be deceptive in what they promise. Some don't aid in personal development except for learning what "not" helpful means, diverting attention and energy toward dead ends and delays. To that end, the guidelines for this board discourage postings which:
  • accentuate or promote fear for purposes of manipulation
  • romanticize the benefit of centralized cabal-like powers
  • promote unrealistic resolutions to global issues as a result of a global financial reset without the real work necessary to realize those benefits
  • are general feel-good messages about loving yourself and the Earth that are generic in nature; many sources which say essentially the same thing without specifics
  • promote a particular channeling source to the exclusion of all others, as multiple sources can carry a common important message but in different voices and tones, and with different "triggers" to awareness
As we all gain greater levels of discernment and learn to trust our inner guidance system, we can all receive clearer communications from wisdom sources. Learning to navigate through the mass of channelings available can be a great tool to that end.
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