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IAMRAvortex Fortitude

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Apr 17, 2017
Mother Gaia
Greetings my brethren.

I have created a channel on YouTube to specifically talk about Philosophy, Occultism and Spiritual development. Other topics would include Ufology and much more! I wanted to share my experiences and sources, and thus a YouTube channel would fit best. Feel free to check it out and let me know if there should be any adjustments, thank you.

I'm going to include meditation guides, yoga, how to use magickal tools such as a Pendulum, scrying mirrors, beads that are used for mantras and types of beads that are best for whatever result needed. I'm going to include many lovely topics, telepathy, how to open the third eye, seeing spirits and not to fear them..etc. :)



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Jul 20, 2016
Sounds like a wonderful way to reach out. As a teacher, I can say that I learned as much by teaching as by being taught.


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Jul 19, 2016
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I have created a channel
Feel free to post links to your new videos on this thread after releasing a new one each time, unless you think it's something important that needs a new thread. (:
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