NZ Doctor of 41 Years Speaks Out About Forced Vaccines (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
A Wellington, New Zealand Doctor who’s been on the job for around 40 years, says as of next week he may not be a doctor anymore. He will not get the mandated COVID vaccination.

He never would have imagined that he and his colleagues would be forced to speak out like this and risk their livelihoods based on such a politicised and distorted environment and that it is not right that people are being forced, blackmailed and/or misled where treatments should be based on informed decisions and individual choice.

He says the Government is looking at vaccinating babies as old as six months. He quotes the Nuremberg code of how people should never again be experimented on medically, yet this is taking place now.

He’s never seen a new therapeutic released with so little information on its clinical trials and/or medium to long term side effects. He admits there is a very high number of adverse reactions, including death.

He goes on to make a lot of important points — worthy listening to.


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