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Novative gestures

Entity jade

Shimmering Soul
I’m deeply interested in conversing and collaborating with deverse minds? This involves magnetic polarity vibrational frequency algorithm and The synapses in our brain transmittable by All relativity??


Boundless Creation
Lots of brains to pick here. Join the conversations and we'll both learn all about this crazy ole universe. It's a nice place to visit....


Sweetheart of the Rodeo
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I agree with Pucksterguy. There are several active threads on different topics, so just join in.


Shimmering Soul
Welcome! Find the right forum for your question and go ahead and ask. Or just read other posts and the links in those posts. They can be very informative.

Hailstones Melt

Realized Sentience
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My synapses are fit to bust, so my only answer to that is : let go.

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