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Jul 21, 2016
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Late yesterday (5-Nov in US) Clif released his November Webbot report. In his report he does foresee a time of coming earth changes and much turmoil, especially so for the population of the USA (USAPop in his terms). I've read the report and, IF it comes to pass, there are some troubling times ahead.

I have a lot of respect for Clif and the work he does. And is my belief that the ongoing/coming "event" many of us feel is nearing (or here) will have a positive shift in our world and that the influences that result are not reflected in the data Clif bases his reports on. Because it is not known consciously or subconsciously (even by higher entities or higher portions of ourselves) when this "event" will occur there is not the planet-wide "leakage" of it into our emotional language which is the basis for the reports Clif produces. (Use your own discernment here but this is how I perceive it).

So, all sweetness and light? I think not. I do think the general trends Clif discusses may be illustrative of what is coming but not the breadth and depth of the resulting chaos that the webbot report describes.

Clif does recognize the Nov report may be challenging for some because of the negative aspects described. So he has offered this month a full refund if it is too much for you. Here is the text of an email he distributed this morning on that topic:

just to let you know the November ALTA report is available from

Please note this report contains information that will likely be disturbing to members of USAPop. Be advised that refunds are offered for asking. We do not wish to add to the mental stains already building upon us all.

Also please note i am working with Cathy and Igor to frame up a mid November report with data from the rest of the planet that was mostly ignored due to the exceptionally large volumes of data that are within USAPop and Markets.

Thank you all for the kind words regarding my interview with Greg Hunter. It is really his ability to craft an interview. It is different working with someone of his caliber, as we all can see from the results.

Thank you for your continued support from all of us here at HPH. Cathy, Igor, Cale, and i are most appreciative of our relationship with you.

May the minds of others be calmed by your presence,
while you discover the reflection of your true character.
[unknown taoist, 5th century china]

from clif high
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Thanks for sharing Bill! This sounds like an important report to go over!
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