New Video from Tom Campbell at the Monroe Institute (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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I watched the first 30 minutes of this last night (It's two hours). Similar info to Tom's MBT book, but it was good to see him actually present it in person. In this video he touches directly on being out of body and then opens up the floor to questions. As an astral projection teacher, what is most relevant to me here is his information on belief and how belief holds us back, such as what we expect when going out of body. But belief in general holds us back spiritually, and in many areas of life including our health.

What I also picked up here is that Tom does not provide examples of his own experiences very often, such as in his MBT book, because it influences peoples expectations and therefore their belief system. He wants people to directly experience being out of body without the influences that so many people put out there, based on the material they share from their own experiences.

This is from a presentation at the Monroe Institute by Tom, back in November 2015.

To find out more information about who Tom is, see my section in the menu on here. I highly recommend you check out his book trilogy, My Big Toe, if you haven't already.

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Jul 21, 2016
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Oh, good! I'd seen up through Part 4 a couple of months ago but 5 and 6 hadn't been released. This is from a week long training course that was taught by Tom at TMI in Nov 2015. Every evening he would spend a couple of hours discussing what had happened that day, what was on for the next day, and answering questions from the participants.

I understand he is teaching a week long My Big TOE Intensive course again in both Sept and Nov of 2017. Tom was one of the original explorers working with Robert Monroe and was instrumental in getting TMI up and running. He probably has more OBE-time than most of us!
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