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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Virgo new moon2.jpg
Happy New Moon for tomorrow Virgos !

This New Moon is on the 7th in NZ, 6th in USA and Europe around Midnight.
Its exact here in NZ at 12 52 PM and falls at 14 38 degrees Virgo.

This is the New Beginning of the year for Virgos and a new relationship beginning for Pisces.

Wherever Virgo falls in your solar or natal charts, this is where you will get the best effects of this New Moon.

Virgo as a sign is all about our health and wellbeing, a good time to get our check ups if needed in medical or natural ways, and to set new intentions for health and diet in the times to come.

Virgo is about the service we provide for others and is good for dealing with details and data, research, safety issues.
This New Moon is the time to deal with anything we have put off especially the small but important things in our lives including pets, as the smaller animals, birds too are “ruled” by this sign.

Tomorrow is the time when we can make plans, new strategies if needed, and decisions about anything resonating to this sign in our own lives, or in the days ahead towards the Crescent Moon.

There are almost two many strong aspects to write about and I have to take into account the aspect today of Sun opposing Nessus knowing as nasty Nessus by many. This distant minor planet is named after a Centaur who was well known for his long term jealousy and revenge, his betrayal with themes of sexual abuse and secretive nature.
When this energy is activated by the Sun his presence motivates us to unlock crystallized belief structures and the assumed griefs or guilts that limits our ability to lead our lives in healthy ways on many different levels and to enjoy the abundance available to us.

This opposition is a sign that there could be mischief is afoot and to be wary of those who have another agenda to what is apparent on outer levels, which could apply to global situations or personal especially if anyone has planets in the degrees of near 14 or 15 Virgo or Pisces.

This aspect points to a time when we need to state firmly “enough is enough”. This could be in a family situation as Nessus has ancestral implications. Nessus brings opportunity to understand and release deep patterns of helplessness, being taken advantage of, and being oppressed. This is particularly relevant for people living in a culture where they are in a minority group which applies to many of us in this time and age.

Nessus activations correspond with times when things really do end, finish and transcend to another level, when release occurs and when the turning point is reached. This sometimes happens through an intensification of suffering.
But personally also we need to be aware people may be more than usually offensive or aggressive or down right nasty.

Virgos and Leos, Pisceans too are under focus with this aspect and other mutable signs, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Aspects happening so close to a New Moon will last a few days and be activated tomorrow.

The influence of secrets afoot is emphasised by Venus in Libra at 24 degrees square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is as intense as things can get emotionally and it shows that feelings are running deep at this time. There is a lot of passion with this aspect and focus on certain themes, a kind of all or nothing energy that can take us over and influence us to harbor thoughts of revenge, and definitely feelings of jealousy can come into this.

The positives of this include an understanding of psychology, why people are acting a certain way, which can leave us open to manipulation also but it does allow us to focus our attention on what is most important and valuable to us, people too.

It’s a chance to make sure we are using our power in wise ways that does not harm others or seek to control them, manipulate in any way as there is a darkness around with both of the above aspects that is unsettling and disturbing.

Librans and Taureans, Scorpios and Capricorn type people come under focus with this aspect.

On the New Moon itself Pluto, Jupiter , Eris and Mars are all on 24 degrees around the Zodiac so anyone at all with planets or points in that degree will feel this new beginning energy very strongly. All of the above planets can generate powerful energies within us to stand up and assert ourselves more while the Virgo New Moon enables us to have a fresh start in our lives.
For instance this is on my Midheaven which is my career and destiny sign as well as my relationship sign being Pisces so I should feel it strongly in the coming days and be motivated to start new projects and interact more with important people in my life or new ones.

I will quickly run through the tomorrow's New Moon aspects for the promise that the New Moon brings for the month ahead.

Mars trine Pluto 24 Virgo to Capricorn brings structure and stability to any new plans and strategies we want to put into action.

Venus in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius brings motivation and harmony, co-operation , inventive and original ideas and actions, ways to negotiate around differences, individually or globally in the month ahead.
This should be helpful for us all.

The Sun in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus which emphasises all of the above as the Sun is the most powerful body in regard to planetary aspects.
This is very positive for the new era we are coming into as Aquarius is featureed strongly, and the ruler Uranus.

The signs I have mentioned should have a positive month ahead and of course Virgos.

The Nessus aspect today could throw a spanner in the works to begin with but the other strong aspects should rule over that along with the New Moon itself for the month ahead.

Mars in Virgo is quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius, an aspect of integrating different people and situations together with a lot of motivation and power, physical action included , involving different locations.

This New Moon should really make a difference in our lives for these troubled times we are now moving through, bringing courage and replenishing our energies although we must remember that the New Moon can have a draining effect on our physical energies for a day or so before the light of the Moon emerges again.

Art is by Aysem Aksoy
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