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New Earth? Little People?


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I had a very interesting time yesterday talking with my dad. He's in his 80's, had a major stroke almost 20 years ago now, and has some dementia, but I don't think he's entirely "lost it" yet, although there's THIS:

So we were sitting at his kitchen table talking about relatives who have passed on, soul and life "missions", and spiritual growth and time seemed to literally stand still. I could swear we were talking for HOURS, but when I looked at the clock again, barely an hour had passed! Now, for some context, my dad has some difficulty expressing himself and he'll mix up his words a lot (like he'll say "brother" when he means "sister"), but I can pretty easily figure out what he's trying to say. Also, for further context, in the years prior to his stroke, he'd done a lot of his own spiritual research on reincarnation, NDE's, etc. He also had the experience of communicating with his mother (my grandmother) several times just shortly after she passed. These telepathic conversations were validated through information she gave him relating to other family members that was later confirmed by them. He's not a "psychic" per se, and has never told me about being able to communicate with anyone else, although a couple of others in my family seem to have similar abilities.

But I digress. So we're sitting there talking and my dad says something about seeing "little people" who live in the walls in a corner of the living room. At first I was thinking, "well, he's finally lost it". But I figured, well...let me dig into this a bit more. After all, what could it hurt?

So I asked him. Would I see these folks if I looked? He laughed and said, no.

Me: So are they in another dimension or something? Him: Yep, you've got it.

Me: Are they little people like they talk about in Ireland? Him: Laughs. Yep!

Me: Do they talk to you? Him: Oh, yeah! They're full of love and very happy. They tell me lots of things.

Me: So you can see them? Him. Oh yeah, I watch them all the time!

Me: Are you able to see their world...where they live? Him. Oh, yeah. It's just like here, except it's much nicer.

Me: So many folks are talking about there being a "New Earth" right next to this one, but just slightly "out of phase" with us, do you think that's it? Him. Yep, you got it!

Me: So what do these people say? Do they tell you things? Him. Oh sure. They're very loving and kind. They were here (in our dimension/world), but now they've moved there. They tell me about spiritual learning and why things happened to me. It's all just a lesson.

Me: Do these people have physical bodies? Him: I don't know. They look like it, but there's nothing "bad" there (he was struggling to find the words).

Me: You mean, like negativity? Him: Yes! No negativity. Everything works and is good.

Me: So can we go there too? Him: (struggling with words again) Yes, but not like we are. No negativity. It's all love. It's not like here. I never knew there was such a place!

Me: So we can go there but we have to leave our negativity behind? Him: Yes!

Me: So people like (I mention a negative person we know) couldn't see this or go there? Him: No...no, but it's OK! Everyone's different. They're OK. We're OK. It's OK. (He starts crying a bit). It's so beautiful! I want to go. I'm ready...I only want love and comfort!

There were a couple of times when during the conversation when he became emotional--either laughing or crying a bit (and at appropriate times, may I add). I can't recall more specifics, as my mind was trying to wrap around this, but I honestly don't think he's nuts. Given everything else I've experienced and learned over the last few years, I truly feel he's somehow catching glimpses of another "dimension" if you will and that's something that helps him deal with his disability.

So I just thought I'd share this...for what it may be worth!



Realized Sentience
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I love these conversations. I believe that they are much more common than we tend to think though we'll so often put them off as 'hallucinations' or 's/he doesn't understand' or is 'too sick' or whatever. When it's children saying it we tend to put it off to their imaginations.

I love that it can give total comfort and joy to someone who is 'sick', i.e. lost some ability that we think we need to be 'whole'. In this case, your father may have gained this ability when he lost his ability to speak as he used to.

My father had a longish illness that ended in his passing this summer. One day I went to visit as I did every day, and the thought passed through my head 'I wonder when he'll start to hallucinate dead loved ones and things we don't usually see' (since I have come to expect this in so many people who are dying; again if one listens for it). As I leaned in to give him a kiss, with that thought in mind for the first time ever, he asked me 'Where are they?"
"Who, Dad?" I asked in return.
He told me he meant his mother and sister, both of whom had died years ago. I told him they weren't here.
He said 'Oh, yeah, they must be in the other room."
I said, "No, they aren't..." and then had an internal conversation with myself wondering if I should elaborate on that. In a bit I decided to let him know that they'd been dead for years though I wasn't sure if it was best for him to take that comfort away or not.
He explained that away too with a "Oh, yeah, I knew that. I'd just forgotten."

My dad was a very grounded person, an applied scientist with all the ability to theorize and give proofs that goes with that. He did, however, recall being with his mother during a wartime bombing when she wanted to enter a bomb shelter just as they heard the planes start to arrive. He apparently, though he was quite young at the time, held her back and asked that they not go there. This was not a usual occurrence for him. The place they'd meant to go got bombed and they survived. He had a couple of other stories like that though that's the one I recall best.
His sister was one of the happiest people with dementia I knew, mostly because she enjoyed being with people and I'd bet that all those people weren't ones we saw, though I don't recall her telling me such a story.

Again, I think that these events are woven into our everyday conversations far more than we imagine. If you don't want to believe something, you'll brush it off with an excuse. If, however, you are willing to just be there and listen, as you so beautifully describe Stargazer you can get to that 'timeless' place you seemed to have reached with your father where 'magic' happens routinely.
We spend so little time there, it seems. I believe our lives are richer the more we are open to these spaces.


Realized Sentience
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Thank you, Lila! I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father (as temporary as it may be, it’s always a sense of loss). What wonderful memories for you to share! [[[ HUG ]]]!


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I've heard the actual (physical) beings that used to be here, like fairies, leprechauns, etc, really existed but they left the 3rd frequency long ago. In one case a grandmother told her grandson about the "little people" she saw when she was little (early 20th century). In another case a monk in the 1600s records a "little person" about a foot high, was stealing wine from the wine barrels! When they went to investigate they saw the little guy scamper into a hole in the wall with a tiny cup of wine sloshing about!

There are a few videos on Youtube that show very little people, about a foot high, running across an area, and scaring a few children who all saw it. In one case it was a totally cloaked humanoid that waddled a bit like it was overweight.

I think people were seeing the same race of beings but called them by different names: gnome is likely the same as leprechaun which could be the same as goblin or dwarf. Perhaps different populations of these people just looked differently or wore different clothing. Some may have looked nice, some may have looked ugly.

Generally the little people didn't like humans because they polluted the earth so much and didn't respect nature.

Little people, supernatural gnomes caught on tape.
5 scary stories of goblins, gnomes, elves, and evil little people.
Youtube search with myths and videos of little people.
Gnome like creature in hooded robe caught on video.
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It's so beautiful! I want to go. I'm ready...I only want love and comfort!
That is quite a moment for you all to share - a blessing for each of you.

If, however, you are willing to just be there and listen, as you so beautifully describe @Stargazer you can get to that 'timeless' place you seemed to have reached with your father where 'magic' happens routinely.
We spend so little time there, it seems. I believe our lives are richer the more we are open to these spaces.
I had an experience seeing a light body behind a speaker. I started to brush it away for some reason, but caught myself and continued to see it for a few minutes. It seems to me that our loved ones are giving us a wonderful gift.

Hailstones Melt

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When my daughter was 7, she saw and spoke with a faerie spirit of a plant, and described it to me in exquisite detail. It was very small (fit in the palm of your hand) and had flower features, green stalks and all, and was animated, had facial features, and could talk. She saw the life of the plant. I believed her.

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