New Clif vid - 12-Jan-2017 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 21, 2016
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I'm doing post and will also do a 2nd post shortly thereafter.

On 12-January Clif made a video post (~20 min) on his YouTube channel in which he discusses the near results from a special interim Webbot report that he planned to release by 14-January (actual release was 13-Jan). He is making this special mid-month report because of the near term activities in BTC, silver and gold. This special report will also be incorporated in the regular Webbot report for February (released NLT 5-Feb...but likely EOM Jan).

In this vid Clif discusses, BTC, precious metals, climate, Antarctica, woo-w00, etc.

My follow on post will summarize aspects of the report he released on 13-Jan.

Here is the link to the vid:


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