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Jul 25, 2016
Thanks for posting the link to this... would you mind sharing what you know about the source of this writing? Also, it would be very helpful to people who pop in here to know what you find to be the most outstanding or important points in the information. By way of introducing the material, that would help make the info more alive and stimulate discussion. Thank you!
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Jul 28, 2016
For those interested and don't like clicking links. Here's the information (minus the Facebook comments).

( My intro ) "Also, it sounds like the author is talking about advancing one's energy vantage point by working with laylines and sacred sites."

Living Life In Between Worlds - through a new assemblage point

Uploads, downloads and upgrades. Many are not only experiencing time speeding up, but a real sense of shifting realities. Physical symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, fever, viruses, vertigo and emotional experiences, such as panic, fear, overwhelm as a longing for what was, are all common responses to what is occurring. By sharing my experiences I hope to shed light and bring solace as we each traverse seemingly ‘uncharted realms of consciousness’.
Recently I underwent the process of receiving a new assemblage point. This was triggered by a solstice ceremony at Mt Warning - an ancient and extinct volcano that catches the first rays of the sun for the whole of the Australian continent - a powerful galactic gateway.
Simply put, the mountain received a new assemblage point and so did I.
For those unfamiliar with this term, the assemblage point is on the outer rim of the seventh light body (spirit body) and is an illuminated spot that determines which reality we are in. If that point moves, this universe, which seems solid, disappears and another reality assembles. However, the symptoms as this new state of being solidifies, can only be describe as being in a fast paced spinning vortex, with no energy reference points to linear time events. Time and space move in and out of realities, without a fixed state of reference, ever moving and pulsing, in and out, up and down and around clock wise and anti clock wise, all at once. We are no longer marking passages of time through lines, but as the Masters of Time, are now recalibrating it as a non linear, spatial pathway.

I have experienced this occurrence multiple times, mostly whilst working with the great ley arteries and vortices at sacred power sites. There are key locations that support this phenomenon. For me personally - specific areas of Egypt, the isle of Iona, and Mt Shasta. I have also had this occur in under the ocean via scuba in Galapagos islands and the Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas, usually when an Earth portal is also receiving a new assemblage point. I now have a vibrational reference point for what is occurring and can recognise what is happening more readily.
When one receives, not a shifting off centre, but an entirely new assemblage point - the reference points of what was in a 3D timeline sense are simply not there, and one is forced to adjust to the new point and its alignment taking place - physically, vibrationally and dimensionally until the new assemblage point locks in, which can take days or even months to adjust, depending on the reality one moves into, and the degree one allows the experience to hold firm, as the tendency is to try pull yourself back into what was and is familiar and safe. This poses a conundrum, as that time space is simple not there for the body to cling to or access in the same way.

The key is to refrain from attempting to be sucked back into the polarity vortex, by firstly expanding your toroidal field, becoming an observer of this phenomenon and then irresistibly a player in the quantum field.

I have worked with, opened and birthed crystal corridors of time galactically at sacred power sites in this capacity since 1991 and can attune to, and calibrate the influx occurring. I hold within, a unique blend of earth / stellar coding that is tamper proof in reopening primordial pathways - the conscious intent being to supports the shifts occurring in the land and in others. It only takes one step more to ground and alchemise for the whole of humanity and the kingdom collectives.

When a new doorway is opening at a site, it can shift you completely along with it, what opens in aperture as a vortex at a planetary level, shifts within at a personally level also. Nothing can prepare you for what transpires, except for holding the awareness of what is occurring. Receiving a new assemblage point may occur several times during one's lifetime.
The mind wants to dominate and control this experience, but as 'a usual' conscious reference, the 3D mind is inadequate and ill equipped to do so. The mind is simply a computer that can only produce information that has been programmed into it, usually accessed from the recent past, therefore in this case cannot dictate what is happening, but none the less still tries to override. This can create disharmony with what the Higher Self is orchestrating and can prolong what is transmuting, that is if one goes with the limited perception of 3D mind constraints and does not completely surrender to the process via the Heart and Higher Self directive.

By attuning to The Gaian mind, this ‘state of confinement’ is released. The Gaian mind is the spiritual connection of the Earth to nature. All living things share this. Attuning with the Gaian mind and the noosphere - the "sphere of human thought" a Greek derivative from ("nous") meaning "mind" is a "planetary thinking network" — an interlinked system of consciousness and information that is pivotal to unity conscious and evolvement. This planetary communication system is interrelated on a receptive level to the evolution of the cerebral cortex in humans.
The Earth is continuously developing and evolving her cerebral cortex, and emerging universally through conscious renewal, as are we. All on the Earth is converging, not through mere minds or bodies — but through the heart.

Enough of the human population are beginning to experience this through nature and are holding this for the whole. The noosphere manifests through our attuning to this way of thinking.
Remember our thoughts lead to our actions and our reaction create our reality.

It is as though we have accessed an entirely new holographic experience, one our personality selves must catch up with, not in time, but integration of cosmic consciousness, through the Higher Self and Higher Heart.
Blessing to all you brave souls who resonate with, and have drawn this to you in order to hold, ground and alchemise, this ever shifting reality for the whole through your True Self and The True Earth Reality. One Heart <3 One World
In Lak'ech Ala K'in - I am another yourself
By ~ Raeline Sqs Brady
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