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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Tomorrow is an important day as Neptune will station in Pisces at 25 28 degrees before going backwards until the 3rd Dec.
For any transits of Neptune you have been experiencing in the last year or more, this is a key date when that aspect will make its presence felt in your life to the extend of having to make some adjustments if needed on anything that is happening in your life in Neptunian areas, depending on where it is in your own birth chart.

For myself its been a conjunction to my IC my home zone which I know has meant spirit is very close to me this year as I have felt it often as there is a lot going on for me in that sphere of my life including some ancestral karma. It began for me last year when I moved location to a place closer to the ocean and my birthplace, and it will end in Oct so one would expect some changes to come up in the security and home areas in my case and this could well happen.
Generally this is a time when spirit is close, intuition should be clear, creative thinking as well, and matters relating to health could crop up to review or deal with. This should clear any confused areas for many of you and this has to be a good thing before you head down a different path or stay on the same one, especially so for Pisceans.
For Virgos its more about “others” in your life.

Apart from that, tomorrow is a rather well structured day with Mars sextile to Saturn , Aries to Aquarius which combines good planning with action in ways that bring results, especially so for Capricorns, Aries, and Aquarians.

The Sun is trine to Vesta, Cancer to Pisces, a very loving and spiritual aspect for all of us, representing a strong inner core and good boundaries too on all levels.

The above signs of course will appreciate this being some of the more sensitive signs of the zodiac, also Leos should feel some comfort as its not an easy time for them with Saturn opposite to their sign this year and last. They especially are in need of some spiritual upliftment and loving attention.

In two days is the Cancerian New Moon at 7 25 Cancer, which is a new beginning for all Cancerians for the year ahead, and for Capricorns it’s their relationship new beginning.

This New Moon sets the trend for the month ahead both for this sign but also in a more people or public sense and what a lot of aspects form tomorrow for this New Moon!!!
Its also an Apogee New Moon which is a very focused energy indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few bigger than usual EQS around this Moon but this is likely to happen more in two weeks with Perigee as it’s the strongest of the year.

The aspects on the New Moon actually seem to reflect what has happened in the world this last week also.
Black Moon Lilith will conjunct the Sun and Moon so that is an intense effect that reaches deep inside the feminine sensitivities and in fact recent legal events in a certain country has done just that, touching many women to the core. Its interesting that the sign of Cancer is about mothers and their children.

Much intense emotion has arisen as Lilith energy is akin to that of Scorpio in many ways with death and rebirth a huge factor and all the darker feelings and needs, all that has built up havign been repressed.

Black Moon Lilith represents a person's most primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form. It reveals our repressed sexuality, as well as that which makes us feel most vulnerable; and she can bring out the darkest emotions that are buried deep within us.

There could be some repercussions from recent events indeed regarding the feminine in that regard as included in the aspects of the New Moon are Mars conjunct Eris, the clash of masculine and feminine energies in a war like way, as Mars is in Aries and it doesn’t get more masculine that that.
Eris although wanting peace and harmony and equality will go to no ends to achieve the same even if she has to shed blood to do so. This could be taken many ways in the scenario I touched on but there is no doubt that something huge has been triggered and will be addressed with Eris on the warpath.
This happens at 25 Aries so anyone with planets or points at this degree is likely to have quite a confrontation themselves or experience some fairly strong feelings and reactions that are triggered by an event or person.

The Sun will square Jupiter on the New Moon day which is people on the move , and taking risks, not holding back, so this is another sign of what is ahead of us in the month to come. Journeys will be taken and plans made for the same. People will be striving for new horizons, especially Cancerian type people, Sagittarians and Aries,

This aspect helps us stay on the positive side but could bring some extreme events and reactions in the month ahead.
Venus is square to Vesta Gemini to Pisces which is a similar theme to that which I mentioned or tomorrow , only being on the New Moon it’s a little more emotional and extreme, but it is a warning to keep yourself safe, not allow harm to come to self through expressing feelings in ways that leave you vulnerable.
Gemini, Libran and Taurean types could be more vulnerable as well as Pisceans

Mercury squares Juno suggesting that there may be some differening opinions among families and within relationships if care isnt taken with the sensitivities around in the coming days towards the next Full Moon, so try not to get too involved in family disputes or anything that stirs up old issues within any relationship situation . This one is referring to Virgos, Geminins, and Pisceans

There are definitely some soothing aspects amongst this mix such as Venus quintiles Neptune so all is not lost as this brings alot of help from other realms and our own higher self.

Venus sextile Jupiter is helpful in maintaining optimism and good humour amongst the mix.
And I just love that Chariklo is part of it all with an inconjunct to the Sun at this New Moon from Capricorn . Chariklo is the Mermaid Goddess who was married to Chiron, friend of Pallas Athene – a very wise and compassionate seer. Her connection to the Sun will help us all to draw on our in depths wisom and see all sides to a situation or debate , no matter how intense it gets as the inconjunct aspect will strike hard at our hearts and vulnerable places, as all these planets and aspects bring an extreme outpouring of feelings with love and pain intermingled...

But do not quell the hope and optimism we all have for our collective future in a better world as it is coming no matter what.

These planets compel us to call on our greatest strength and view each other and the world with love and great courage to help change what we can , when we can in these very trying times of the greatest contradictions and mayhem we have ever experienced.
We must not forget we have power in these situations to make a difference by simply standing up for our basic human rights and setting limits, saying no when we need to very firmly strongly and being very aware that as powerful human beings fueled by our own divinity within, we can indeed change this world…
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Jul 28, 2016
I'm thinking I got a good dose of that mama energy, packed w a whomp. All good and natural cyclic kind of stuff, in all its intensity.
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