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Nov 1, 2018
I was able to meet my sister from out of state at a condo and she is a Reiki healer, she is also an occasional user here. So she did Reiki on me for the second time. The first time I sat up in a chair and that was in February. This time it was a bit longer as I laid down. She likes to do sort of blind experiments to make sure she is getting it right, so she asked me to comment on things I felt. (I sometimes do the same thing.) So I closed my eyes and as she worked I could feel bursts of positive energy in the same place she was working on. When she was done she said I knew every time she was sending energy to a specific place, like a specific chakra. She also said I'm very sensitive to energies as at some point I also saw in my mind some black small swirly balls of energy being released at certain points, it must have been negative energy. She also said I had some energy blocks, and about halfway through the session I could feel the energy really flowing and started crying from gratefulness. At one point when she was working on my left hand it felt like there was a "crust" on it that was being slowly removed. I don't know what that was about.

I gave her feedback as the session went on but I was blissing out so much I sometimes just enjoyed it all! I'm not saying everyone will be as sensitive as I was, but I think if you are open to it, you will get some benefit.

Wew, lads, what an experience! So the day before that I had gone to a sluice "mine" and found some crystals and I ended up giving her any crystals that called to her. She got a nice labradorite, which was black but on one flat face, had a rainbow of reflective opalescent colors. I insisted she take that one even though she may not know what she needs it for at that time, so she did. We went out to my car and laid the crystals on the parking lot, and I sat on the ground and looked at them. As it was very hot (low 90s and very humid) 2 people came over to make sure I was ok. That was very nice of them though. :)



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Jul 28, 2016
Did you find any apophyllite?


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Nov 13, 2018
I'm a little late in seeing this, but heeyyy! So cool to hear people's experiences with Reiki, especially when it's my brother's. :) For a long time, I had no idea if I was effective at all since my only test subject was my husband and he feels nothing. LOL So I love to hear all the details! I love how everyone's experience is different yet similar at the same time.

And my awesome brother did send me a beautiful apophyllite later. It's stunning! :)
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