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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
As we have seen in the previous article and previous ones, the rules of the game change according to the social and economic stratum in which you find yourself, and although we cannot belong to that 1% of which we have spoken previously, and perhaps no desire to do so in most cases, we might like to move to other somewhat higher levels than we are now. Like everything, despite the fact that we already have a more or less clear explanation of the reason for its existence at a social and economic level, everything always depends on the level of reality you are in and the projection of the world you make according to your own vision. We will put a petition at the end of the article to help work this part of our life that complements the petition on access to the archetypes of abundance and the deprogramming of "scarcity" that we have already seen in the previous post.

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A long history of social classes

It is probable that we all know perfectly the concept of the different social classes that exist in our society. Possibly we are all aware and we also know firsthand which class or social stratum we belong to, and we have all read and speak naturally of those who are in higher social and economic classes, or those who belong to "lower" social classes.

In general, no human being tends to seriously consider what their origin has been and why we are “distributed” like this. It is understood that it is a consequence derived from the economic status of each person, who, due to their level of income and social and professional position, "fits" into a certain level of society. Since it is correct that this phenomenon and stratification occurs mainly due to economic issues, there is not much more to discuss or inquire about.

However, this explanation is not entirely complete. Why not? Because in addition to economic and professional factors, another reason why we identify and belong to one social level or another has to do with the psychological factors of our own personality, the programs and archetypes that we possess and the belief system imbued in each of us. Since this is something that cannot be measured or quantified by the majority of the world's statesmen, psychologists, or economists, it is a parameter that is out of any logical conclusion of why (leaving money aside) some members of society belong to the upper classes and "elites" of it, and others belong to the poorer and lower classes.

What makes your approach to life move you to a higher step in the social hierarchy, and what makes you move to a lower step?

Possibly many of you have heard and mentioned the concept of the Maslow Pyramid, a psychological theory proposed in the 40s of the last century in which the basic needs of a human being to survive, develop and grow as individual is divided in five levels. These five "steps" or levels go through finding ways to have our physical and physiological needs covered, our affective needs, company, family, economic, self-realization needs, to achieve a "social status," etc. And, at this point, it is where we are going to stop, since here we find one of the reasons why we belong to or identify with one social class or another. Let's see what is the psychological mechanism that underlies it.

Need for recognition by society

According to Maslow's pyramid, when a human being has the needs of survival, food, rest, economic resources and family security (the first levels of this scale), he begins a search for other elements that give meaning to his life, although he does not know that he is trying to make sense of what he "is" as a person and what he does in the world, so that, intuitively, we are trying to open a gap between people, groups, communities and social and professional environments that can help us recognize what we are, who we are, and what we can contribute to others, as a way of showing what defines us, what makes us different, that allows us to individualize ourselves and helps us to anchor ourselves to a certain type of environment, such as a piece of a puzzle that looks for where in the puzzle it fits perfectly, and for this it tests and tries to enter different places until it finds its own.

Therefore, on many occasions, the stratum and social class to which we belong depends not only on how many economic resources we have, but on what vision and what level of personal growth we have reached, since that type of "internal state" defines us as in a very specific way, and you can find a fit only with a certain group of people in a certain environment, so it will be where we find, as long as we do not change how we are, the perfect fit within the perfect environment for the perfect moment in which we are. And that is not other than the “social status” that each one has.

The main factor of your economic level is your psyche, not your money

This way of placing ourselves in society is determined by many factors, since not only the economic issue is key to being able to define ourselves as people of the middle, upper, working or poor class. Although having money or not in the lower strata of society does strongly mark our identification with a system level, as one analyzes the middle and upper classes of our civilization the most important factor is not money, but the psychology of the person and his way of facing life.

By starting to perceive reality in a certain way, joining people who think similarly to you, and entering a certain group where you have another vision of things, you can start to change your social stratum simply by assimilating a way of seeing the world that takes you away from a certain group and style of people and brings you closer to another. Since reality does not cease to be an individual holoquantic projection, by "absorbing" other "superior" points of view from third parties, you shyly start at the beginning, and little by little, to emit a new reality influenced by this new environment.

This phenomenon and personal transformation usually occurs naturally and gradually, and is associated many times with professional changes, because when changing jobs you change colleagues, the work environment, the type of environment that exists or ceases to exist, and, since that this is also accompanied by salary changes, it is the latter that give us the impression that they have caused us to now be meeting with people from a different level, from another part of different society, and from a different stratum than the one we had before the professional change. In reality, what changes is nothing more than the hologram that you are projecting as a result of this new situation, including monetary resources, but are not solely responsible for the fact that you have “raised” your stratum to another level.

Change of reality due to change of residence

If this change does not occur for work but for moving, that is, for moving to another place, we can also move from one social group and stratum to a different one, for the simple fact that we enter to live in a new neighborhood that it has certain characteristics and a certain “environment,” frequented by a certain type of people with a specific way of doing things, which, even if we have a minimum of interaction with them, will permeate and endow our own personality and way of being of the characteristics of this new group and social stratum to which we did not previously belong.

The psychology that defines the social status of people

Therefore, although there are material and physical factors accompanying and often triggering change, belonging to a certain stratum, class and social group is mainly determined by the psychology of that group and our fit with it, with the environment and our way of perceiving reality.

To belong to the upper classes of our city it is obvious that you have to have certain economic resources, but it is essential to have a mentality associated with how those "upper" classes perceive their world and their day to day. A “working class” mentality, which is perfectly correct and completely adequate, is not the mentality of those who live their life from another point of view where there are certain aspects of “elitist” reality that cannot be understood from the reality of middle class, so unless we change our psyche and adjust it to that "economically superior" mentality, we can never take the first steps to move to a higher stratum than we are if it is our desire to do so.

Dozens if not hundreds of books have been written by people who found a way out of a poor social environment with few opportunities for growth just by imitating the behaviors and way of thinking of those who have had "economic success" in life, and that they managed to overcome all the obstacles in their way in order to reach the top of their own pyramids of personal growth. And it is correct, because in order to move symbolically “up,” within a completely stratified society where a few have a lot of everything but most have little or nothing, you have to start by changing the mindset of the whole society, and realize that the "attitude" component is equal to or more important than the "money" component, both being linked to a certain extent, since, in order to have many financial resources, one must also have a certain predisposition and appropriate attitude towards them and the way to get them.

Defending your position, blocking those below

Does this mean that we can end the hardships of the castes and lower classes of our civilization in so many countries that still keep them "active" as part of the management of society? Does it mean that by changing the attitude of these people we can make them go out in masse and become citizens of at least the middle class?

The answer is yes, it could be perfectly. But it will not be so easy, for the simple reason that those in the upper and middle-upper classes will not allow it. Why? How does it affect them? It affects them because it eliminates the exclusivity that you have when you belong to a group to which only a few individuals, or a few million in the entire planet, have access, since when everyone has the same of everything, that “everything” leaves having value, and if it leaves having value because everyone owns it, it stops differentiating your from others. And if it stops differentiating you, then you lose the psychological status of being "better" or being "different," which is what gives us security in the third level of Maslow's pyramid, which makes each person try to find what makes them different to others and find the place in the world where it fits perfectly, because if all the pieces of the puzzle are the same, in theory any piece can fit anywhere, since the holes for them are identical, which eliminates the factor "I am special," lowers self-esteem and causes us to feel "one more" and not "someone important".

As you can see, the energy and program that underlies the social stratification of our planet is the fear of not being "special" and "different," and it was imbued in the psyche of the lhumanu by the Asimoss to keep us "inferior" always to them, not only in power, or technology or knowledge, simply "inferior" on a psychological level.

Thus, all this psychological reasoning that occurs in a chain is completely subconscious to the mechanisms of reason and the human psyche, since none of us are thinking about it or being aware when we make the decisions we make to move from one social environment to another or when we are internally dissatisfied with the life we lead, but we do not know why, or simply when we want to leave one of those social strata to improve towards one perceived as superior, but we do not understand what that need for change triggers internally.

A person's status depends on his worth as a human being

Like everything, society in general must realize that the value of each human being does not depend on the social status they have or on the class to which they belong, but on the human worth that they possess and offer themselves to their fellow human beings to assist them as we assist ourselves in our journey and development. But currently our system does not work like this, and therefore it is very difficult that we are going to be able to implement a way in which the "elites" and higher classes that we have spoken about in the previous article allow massive access to their "world” and its reality to the members of the middle classes, and, in the same way, these same middle classes, collectively and unconsciously, do not allow access to their “reality” to those belonging to the “lower” classes, because there is a fear and danger that, then, the resources and services and the standard of living enjoyed by these middle classes, which are not excessive, could be reduced by the incorporation of millions of lower-class people from either the country or region where this happens. You only have to see how this fear, well studied and planned, is used in the rallies and propaganda of many political parties against those who come from outside (refugees, immigrants, people from other countries) to "take away" our resources.

Since each stratum protects their standard of living, and tries to curb opportunities to access it, social circles become increasingly exclusive and the rules for belonging to them become increasingly rigid, preventing being joined massively by groups or classes of people who have not exceeded a certain economic level, mainly, as a way of quantifying whether or not they can belong to it, but, secondly, whether or not they have a certain profile of behavior, vision and of personality, to see if even having the financial resources, they can fit or not in that part of the puzzle.

Economic resources alone do not change your social status

And let's think about it for a moment, if many millions of us win the lottery, do we automatically become high society people?

No, as long as we continue to have the same world view, the same personality and the same psychological configuration, we continue to belong to the class or social stratum in which we were before that award. Therefore, if we do not make internal changes such as those we have mentioned, or external changes such as moving to another environment or changing jobs or acquiring other elements in our life that help us change how we see the world towards a higher level, what will happen, and in fact we can be able to check, is that many people end up losing the prize they obtained wasting it, since, not changing "internally," they did not know how to adapt and use the catalyst that these economic resources provided to make them climb the social ladder.

If there is no will to change and to initiate a “mental” movement towards other types of circles and environments according to the new economic situation we have, no physical change is possible, no matter how much we expect or want it.

Observing behaviors and the vision of those who have the level we want

It is, therefore, a matter of realizing that if we want to leave an economic, social and relational level in which we are but do not have the resources to do so, we must begin by studying, analyzing and observing behaviors, visions and ways of understanding the world that those at the level we want to reach have: what are their concerns, how do they pose problems and how do they solve them, how do they approach challenges and how do they face changes, how do they look for ways to provoke them or how do they avoid what they don't want to face, how they manage failure or success, etc.

This first step initiates the change in the way in which each person faces their reality, and from there processes are initiated so that opportunities for economic, material and physical change appear that can settle us “formally” and with the “approval” of that new “social circle” in the part of the puzzle that we have come to settle down and take root, until we decide to take a leap again and look for another point that still allows us to grow more, and continue advancing through our own pyramid of personal growth.

Deprogramming the caps and programs to facilitate that change of mentality

Therefore, at an energetic level, what we can and are going to do is deprogram from the psyche all those “caps” that hinder those changes, related on the one hand to the comfort zone, also related to fears of success and failure, related to the programs of the collective unconscious of scarcity and lack of resources that we have seen, etc. Again, a lot of deprogramming work ahead, because until the external reality really shows us "tangible" changes, it means that the "internal" reality that is the basis for its projection has not changed enough.

The request to our Higher Self for it is as follows:

I request my Higher Self and I give it permanent permission to eliminate, deprogram and erase all archetypes, programs, energy substrate and content of my mental spheres, mental body, sphere of consciousness and the rest of the elements of my psyche that limit, slow down or prevent my connection to a higher level of reality encoded as a social and economic layer above which I am physically and energetically at the moment. I request and give permanent permission to erase and eliminate the anchors, chains, hooks and energy threads towards lower levels of reality, as well as events, situations, egregors, energy concentrations or structures of my reality that bind me "down" and hinder and impede the energetic movement towards those other higher levels in vibration, frequency, resources and opportunities for growth and development. I request and give permanent permission to elevate my entire psychic structure towards the connection with the global strata of the highest groups and levels of society that I can currently access due to my current energetic state, to imbue the energies and vibrations that facilitate my own personal change to higher levels of reality with all the physical, economic, social, material elements, etc., that are present in them. Thank you.​

Thus we close for the moment all this series of articles on economics, hoping that they will be useful to you in these troubled and uncertain times. In the next article, we will start another series on the topic of mobile telephony that has many people worried and upset about not knowing what influence the new and existing networks have on us, so we will have the opportunity to study their operation in depth, the reason for its existence and the effect on our energy field.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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