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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
cancerian eclpse1.jpeg

One day to go until the Total solar eclipse.

Eris has stationed about to go Rx, which in itself is rather ominous, as Eris can be very warlike, although its always for a good reason as she wants unity for the world and will get it at any cost.

At the outer edges of our solar system she is by no means powerless in that position, and in fact she keeps a keen eye on earths Governments, and anything/anyone that can bring disharmony in a world where she would like to see peace and equality as a given.

So Rx, she will be off to cover some old ground to make sure she hasn’t missed anything that could help her cause so she can rectify it.

She currently resides in Aries where she will remain for a very long time, always ready for confrontation but she does in fact resonate to the nature of both Aries and Libra. (Arians may feel this aspect strongly as they prepare for a different course with the eclipse in their solar home zone).

Nessus is also stationing to go Rx. Known generally as the abusers asteroid, he is involved where the darkest of human motives resides, suggesting someone in power could have motives that are not as straightforward as they appear, as Total solar eclipses are always about world leaders.

Someone has changed course or is in the process, and probably because they have no choice. But there are signs of abuse of power around this stationary point and a need to deceive or set things up so power is maintained.

Nessus in Pisces at present is showing secrecy is afoot.

But on other levels in going Rx, Nessus is bringing opportunities to understand and release deep patterns of being victims and feeling helpless, or taken advantage of and being oppressed, so this movement of Nessus or lack of it at present could well lead to breakthroughs with the eclipse energy for all who are in fact suffering in this way.

In going retrograde Nessus is venturing back into the past to help us right some wrongs in our own lives as well as other peoples.

Nessus activations always correspond with times when things really do end, finish and transcend to another level, when release occurs and when the turning point is reached.

Bear in mind this sometimes happens through an intensification of suffering or having it brought to light which we have seen quite a bit of lately in the world.

(Pisces take note if they are being a victim lately)

Makemake, the planet named after the creator god, of the indigenous people of Easter Island is at station also. about to go direct which is all about coming out of the swamp of density that has caused so much dysfunction in our various societies and certainly a disrespect of nature and oceans, so hopefully this will help provide the means along with other factors for all humans to evolve enough to use their creative energies in practical ways to help restore what has been lost.

Librans should notice a shift of energy regarding the same during this eclipse period.

Today we are in the real shadow of the eclipse even though technically the physical aspect of it isn't happening yet but many people will be feeling it strongly as a kind of disturbing or strange energy as the light begins to shut off.

Mars is currently moving into Leo where he is very strong, as Leo is a fire sign, so he is no longer restrained by the sign of Cancer where he was in his fall so no where near his usual strong self.

In Leo he does give power to world leaders or would be world leaders, and it’s a male power, so some bold moves are to be expected by those who have the most powerful personalities and want to be noticed as courageous and strong.

I do believe this influence is already in effect from what we have seen, unless someone who is even more impressive steps up.

This position of Mars is strong for leadership at any rate and much more open and direct than before so it is a positive for the most part.
But he does rather add a lot of challenges to the purpose of the eclipse energy which is to actually change the status of the old ways of blame, punish and control, to those of a more forgiving and nurturing system world wide.

Leos and Arians of course will get a boost of energy with this move.

What intrigues me most is that Venus in Gemini is exactly opposite to the Galactic centre so close to this eclipse.

The Galactic Centre is a Source of infinite information which is always available for downloading into the human body/mind, so there will be a lot of that with Venus in all her curiosity in Gemini, in all her receptive glory.

Venus in Gemini is at her most cerebral and social, and ready to learn more.

The input from the GC is usually futuristic in content and intense in application. It does mean that we need to be ready for these new concepts, so need to clear space in our mental and emotional bodies to accommodate the new data during this eclipse, even if we do not totally understand or can apply this information until a few months time.

Time is needed to let go of outmoded beliefs and ideas and to update our knowledge and wisdom.

So in the coming few days it's necessary to ground ourselves and focus on our base chakra to anchor the input. It's heady stuff, stirring up the higher chakras and electrical nervous system of the body, creating possible overwhelm, so if you are feeling this way, then now you know why , along with eclipse energy which is a total blocking off of energy and light before full light returns.

So on the day try to stay still and nurture self well, as the sign of Cancer wishes you to.

It's important to let go of fear and worry, and do your best to heal any current ailments by mentally directing light from the lifegiving intelligent universal energy or “ prana” around you, into your body.

Breathe it into the trouble spots and then direct it out with your breathe to all areas where healing is needed.

Chiron will be trine to Juno on eclipse day, Aries to Leo, which is ideal for the energies of the day to help us draw on our own inner power, also to be strong for family and loved ones and especially those sensitives who respond strongly to the eclipse energies.

To remind us that the unexpected is to be expected however, Uranus in Taurus will square Juno the day after the eclipse, all about unexpected family news for some, and with Venus moving into Cancer the same day the focus is there, on families and loved ones giving us the power to love and nurture others well as Venus loves being in this sign, one of her favourites for security and home comforts.

Mars trines Ceres, also promising love in action which is always the best sort.


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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
Wow, the Nessus information is totally new to me. In the setting that you describe this sounds like some real upsetting of apple carts!
I hope the carts which are upset are the ones with the secrets so that we can get them out for all to see.


Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Wow, the Nessus information is totally new to me. In the setting that you describe this sounds like some real upsetting of apple carts!
I hope the carts which are upset are the ones with the secrets so that we can get them out for all to see.
Nessus is more relating to a world leader effect re hidden motives etc Lila and secrecy, but it can also apply to the individual but more in the area not being a victim and working on that as an eclipse theme.

One of the meanings I came across in my studies is that of Nessus sometimes causing a heat rash and burning , also headaches but I hadnt mentioned that on my Neptunesmagic page and yet a viewer mentioned she was currently suffering from both. Interesting I thought...
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Hailstones Melt

Collected Consciousness
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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
Emerging from the glare of headlights from being a victim has been a keynote of my life. It's always good to know there are movers and shakers in the cosmic barn dance that are likely to grab us by our waist and swing us all about, when it comes our turn.

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