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Jul 19, 2016
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"The Sun moves into Leo today where he is very much at home, so during the next month he will shine his light on all those born at this time of year, bringing out their best qualities, although the real Leo “new beginning: isn’t until the new moon on the 3rd August n NZ/Aust, the 2nd on the other side of the world.

For all of us this gives us a chance to “shine” not just Leos, as we can all call on the energy of this generous sign that brings a real joie de vivre when it’s at its peak.

Some of us are still feeling the influence of the somewhat sobering Capricorn full moon however but soon fire energies will give us all a lift and a shove in the right direction.

The Leo sun will brighten the lives of all Leo “type” people first off, that is Leo Sun, moon or ascending sign or those, who have many planets around their ascending sign… But it may be the beginning of August at the new moon, when Mars moves back into the fire sign of Sag, that we will start to feel really energised.

Mars has been in Scorpio for so long now that we are getting used to feeling intense about everything and forgetting to look for that light at the end of the very long Scorpio tunnel.

But it is there folks –just a little longer now. And you know what they say about “be careful what you wish for”.

There is a Yod ( finger of God) structure today in the heavens, but not the usual as it involves 4 planets –not the usual 3, but its exact in a strange sort of way as there are two planets at the apex Venus and Mercury, one making an exact inconjunct to Neptune and the other to Pluto.

A Yod is a very fated influence, almost like an eclipse, only more profound, and just as hard to interpret. This one speaks of in depth and hidden forces – something going on behind the scenes of world powers right now that is like a death and rebirth for someone in power in the world – that’s on the global scale, and it also speaks of forces that are also working behind the scenes for our greater good as if “God” is watching everything and will have a say in what transpires. There are a lot of secret powers standing by behind the scenes right now – politically and otherwise.

Some of the above comes in the form of what looks like entertainment so the world will be watching but there are forces here that could astound everyone. And It looks like some special higher power is standing by.

For the individuals this Yod will affect Virgos, Geminis, Taureans, Librans and Leos, Pisces too, Capricorns and Scorpios as well, manifesting as some sort of destiny event in the next day or so if it hasn’t happened already.

It won’t affect everyone of course but it is a strange sort of fated influence and what’s more it means there is a dual influence with it as if another person is involved if there is a major incident. If things go wrong, then the “Gods” step in to intervene.

I get the impression that this is going to affect those who are trying to attain power in high places in a global sense but if they don’t have “right motive” something fated could happen.

And referring to individuals, it will be those who are trying to make a difference in the world that will feel the power and effects of this Yod as whenever I see one I know something major is afoot.

There is a lot of hidden power around today that could change lives on a collective scale."

Via Neptune's Magic

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