Moderna & Phizer Vax/Gene'therapy' Ingredients (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2016
Found this on another forum with two jpegs posted I also copied in here. Note that below the text starting with "let me guess" is not my own text but from the picture's author.
Not sure if a false alarm or even a 'fake news' but for what it's worth: Looks like the compound lipid "SM-102" in the Moderna variant is 'not so recommendable' it seems: "Not apt for human or veterinary use" (!!).

Hmmm ... O_o

Wiki (not a lot of info though):

Yes, officially it is really in there:

"They" will probably say it's "not much" in there and 'safe' for injection. But to me this is already another WTAF scare level reached.
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