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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

As we have seen in all the previous articles, the incessant bombardment of electromagnetic radiation continuously causes micro-dysfunctions in the entire energy and physical system, so that we are gradually losing quality of life, physical well-being, "health." Each person reacts differently to all this. In general, the manipulation of reality and the dysfunctions that we have seen in the pineal gland with the 1G and 2G antennas are the same for everyone, in the sense that all of us are equally attacked by these frequencies and hence we always have our pineal gland, projecting individual reality, "burned" by this emission and radiation. Then, the subtle bodies are more or less affected, as well as the physical body, depending on the state of robustness, health and frequency of vibration of each of us, so, unless we are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation (which includes the bombardment of Wi-Fi, microwaves, television, mobile phones, etc.) more or less we are able to move forward every day without noticing the micro-damage caused by the soup of "waves" that surrounds us.

The best solution is the most complicated to carry out

Avoiding this is tremendously difficult, or rather, it is very easy, but it is not feasible for most human beings. It would be necessary to go outside the cities, mainly, and live in areas without mobile coverage and with the minimum possible amount of electromagnetic emissions around. As you can see, the solution is very simple, but the lifestyle of most of humanity makes it impossible to carry it out. What would happen if suddenly we were out of the reach of mobile, radio, television, microwave, Wi-Fi waves, etc.? It would happen that, in a few weeks, we would see our health change and improve to a level that we had not even thought we could reach, we would see our pineal projecting without distortion what we could get to emit (taking into account the deprogramming that we have done in recent years for this), and we would see our quality of life increased by much % without knowing how or the reason for the change. As I say, it is a simple solution to explain, very difficult to carry out.

As a second option, strengthen our energy system

Therefore, since we have to live in cities and places where we are going to be immersed in electromagnetic radiation fields 24 hours a day, using our mobile phones and spending many hours in front of television, the second most optimal option is to greatly improve our energy structure. In the end, what marks how much damage a wave does to us is the robustness of the energy that the wave finds when it collides with us, that is, if our "vibrations" are high and powerful, electromagnetic emission waves find a barrier that it greatly reduces the damage they can do to us, something like if a spaceship of any of your favorite series activates its energy shields to defend against the laser beams of enemy ships. This is achieved with a lot of healing, taking great care of the physical health, doing all kinds of exercises to increase our internal energy, etc. By putting yourself on the level where you can “filter” and stop a part of everything that bombards you, you decrease the potential damage that this can do to you, which is different from blocking it completely, but it is better than letting it impact us and cause damage that manifests itself in the long run as all kinds of problems, diseases and dysfunctions.

Block the emission and reception of waves at night

Since this second solution is also gradual and continuous work throughout life, at least as long as we cannot flee from electromagnetically charged cities and places, as we have said, we also have to help ourselves with some external elements to minimize this impact. One of the first actions that are recommended is to turn off everything that emits radiation at night, that is, at least, the Wi-Fi at home and leave the phones and tablets in some type of Faraday box or bag. As I said in the previous articles, anyone who has a 4G mobile is already connected to the AI that manages humanity's programming on an “individual” basis, and night periods are especially used to connect the mobile with the programs of the mental spheres that we have explained in the second article of this series, and "reprogram" the individual or insert anything into him. This is not done by an Asimoss or a human, in general there is nobody behind this work, since it was put in "automatic" mode and left in the hands of an AI the regular and gradual insertion of "updates" in the human psyche when it seems convenient, something like when mobile apps are updated in the background while the phone is idle or we are doing other things. The same with the mental spheres of all of us and hence the importance of the disconnection that I had explained to you in the second article.

Placing all the electronics overnight at least in a Faraday box that is good enough to block all kinds of wave broadcast and reception, will prevent the mobile from starting to broadcast to us, and at least we will reduce the range of this psychic manipulation.

Electromagnetic absorption systems

Then, to keep the house, our home, as clean as possible from electromagnetic waves, it is advisable to use stones that absorb radiation. In general, black tourmaline stones do, opals, obsidian, etc. Be careful, these stones and minerals have other properties for other things, it is a matter of consulting gem therapy guides, but they serve to reduce some (they are not a panacea), the electromagnetic pollution of the house. In addition to that, it is recommended to increase the vibration of the house with high-energy stones. I have huge quartz scattered around certain parts of the house, tourmaline next to computers, TV, router, amethysts and other stones on the walls where the light cables go, etc. It is a matter of researching and learning a little about the use of minerals and seeing how and where to place them, and confirming that their location is correct with your Higher Self so that it indicates you, by means of signs, pendulum or whatever, that you put the appropriate minerals in the correct point.

Building energy walls

Another way to block the entry of electromagnetic pollution is to ask your Higher Self for "energy walls" around the house. The same thing I was saying about the ship's energy shield, now for the house. You invent a request following the models that you already have from other articles to ask your Higher Self to create “energetic” walls (possibly located on the 1.2 or higher plane of your house) that filter and reduce as much as possible the external radiation that arrives at your home. Also, ask that these walls be permanently maintained with the energy of the Earth itself, otherwise they will disappear over time if they are not "plugged in" to some power source that keeps them "solid".

With all this we achieve more or less that, when we are at home, we can be a little more protected and receive a little less bombardment and electromagnetic radiation. They are not protections that reduce to 0% the amount that we receive, but it helps us to maintain equilibrium and balance so that we can use mobile technology when we need it, trying to minimize the damage that it causes to us as much as possible.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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