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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
We continue with our journey through the different generations that mobile telephony has had in our society, and what is the purpose that the RIC and CS have behind it as they give us more ways to isolate ourselves and get into our virtual world.

As we said in the previous article, the introduction of 2.5G technology was the trigger that made the RIC see that really the mobile phone was the best way to have all human beings individually controlled. On one hand, no matter how many spy movies you have seen, we did not become aware of how absolutely everything we say, write or send is recorded or supervised by the RIC (in addition to what our governments do, but it can’t be compared to the level of knowledge that the RIC has of each human being to what our most sophisticated intelligence services have).

In order to control the entire network of information that was already beginning to work through the 2.5G networks, they created a first artificial macro intelligence, which continues to function today, which is responsible for the global management of all the information that circulates throughout all mobile networks of the world and connecting with all mobile devices of all human beings. That AI is now under the control of the “grays” and is located in one of the main RIC bases in plane 1.2.

To also connect each person to the AI through the connection with their mobile terminal, specific programs were also installed in the psyche of the human being and in all the collective unconscious that a few years ago I explained to you how to uninstall in these articles:

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Once all of the above was implemented, and since in order for mobile penetration to reach more people, we had to give ourselves more services and move the “real” world to the “virtual” world as much as possible, it was born the third generation of mobile phones delivered to the main telephone companies in the world by the CS, always in a subtle way, and as new “discoveries” and advances, so that we can gradually implement them ourselves. The main reason behind the advances for the RIC was a better control of the population through everything it did on mobile as its AI algorithms collected, and collect, huge data that are added to the individual profile of each human being, without really being an Asimoss or anyone "watching" them (only if they want to), but to maintain a huge database of everything we do at all times, when, where, in what way, etc., etc.

Third Generation mobile communication network (3G)

At a technical level, the objective of 3G mobiles was to offer increased data rates, facilitate the growth of communication networks and provide us with greater capacity for voice and data transmission. This new 3G allowed support for various work and leisure applications and high data transmission at low cost. Data is sent through a much more efficient technology called Packet Switching, and voice calls are translated using circuit switching, with faster and better quality.

Therefore, this 3G uses the GSM-based UMTS system and reaches a transmission speed of 384KBPS up to 2Mbps, at a frequency of approximately 1.8 to 2.5 GHz, depending on the country and the operator, which means that the services it provides us are innumerable, as you all already know: high-speed Internet access, video calls, chat and conferences, mobile television, video-on-demand, location-based services, telemedicine, mobile email, maps navigation, games, music, multimedia services, movies, virtual banking, etc., etc.

However, here the frequency of the antennas has already changed, increasing both in power and in signal range, with which you could do everything that the 2.5G, 2G and 1G does and that we have already explained about the manipulation of reality, but further, faster and with more power.

The impact on the energy system of the human being is mainly noticeable at the meridian and physical system level, it alters the "prana" so to speak, which circulates through our physical and energetic system, makes it "vibrate" in disharmony, and therefore, the fuel that reaches the cells is "inharmonious," causing all kinds of micro-dysfunctions in the body because the energy that nourishes us is completely distorted while we have the mobile nearby or some antenna around it giving us coverage.

Fourth Generation mobile communication network (4G)

The fourth generation mobile system is entirely based on IP, the internet protocol. The main objective of 4G technology for the public, is to provide high speed, 100 Mbps on the move and 1 Gbps when standing still, as well as high quality, high capacity, security and low cost services for voice and data, multimedia and the internet through IP. Thus, to use the 4G network, our mobiles must be able to select the destination wireless system, that is, the mobile had to be changed in many cases because a large part of the terminals were not prepared to work with this technology. Its marketing began in early 2010, although the specifications were ready since 2008.

In order to reach all corners of the planet, 4G was provided with multiple frequency bands. 700, 750, 800, 850, 1900, 1700/2100 (AWS), 2300 (WCS) 2500 and 2600 MHz are used in North America; 2500 MHz in South America; 700, 800, 900, 1800, 2600 MHz in Europe; 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz in Asia, and 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz in Australia and New Zealand.

4G gave the RIC and SC the ability to control us mentally and psychically through the connection of our terminal to the programs of the mental spheres and, hence, to the collective unconscious. That is, as science fiction as it may seem, right now you can imbue programming directly in a person's psyche through the waves that its 4G terminal emits, since it has the ability to tune into the mental body and the mental spheres through radiation and the electromagnetic field it generates. This way, if you want to manipulate a person individually, it can be done through your own mobile phone, which constantly broadcasts without you noticing, that program or content that you want to send exclusively to a person and nobody else. It is a huge level of control that the RIC have already developed long ago, but could only be implemented with the current 4G technology and with new terminals with the ability to tune multiple frequency bands. Since we are so many human beings with mobile phones, and each one with a slightly different frequency of vibration between each other (as we mentioned in the previous article), to assign a single individual frequency to each person, it was necessary to occupy and use a huge electromagnetic spectrum dividing us by zones and strips in order to create an individual connection to each human being as in tune as possible.

At the electromagnetic level, the fields of current 4G antennas cause alterations also at the hormonal level, and, in general, disharmony in all the subtle bodies and components of our energy structure, which then have a thousand different repercussions on our physical health, depending on the configuration, strength, vibration and the state of each one.

Fifth Generation mobile communication network (5G)

On a technical level, 5G advances a true wireless world, the so-called Wireless-World Wide Web (WWWW) at a speed of 1 to 10 Gbps, with an emission frequency of 3 to 300 GHz, which also implies the reduction of around 90% in the consumption of energy to the network, something that comes in handy for the RIC and CS since less energy resources are used for more services.

Starting its development in 2015, the fifth generation of mobile phones, 5G, represents a step forward in the RIC's plans to model humanity to its future plans to make Earth its “home”.

This perhaps I have explained briefly in an article or in some of the questions that you have asked me on the blog, as well as in the books of Dynamics of the Invisible, but the long-term idea of the RIC is to turn the planet not into a "resource exploitation" base, as it is more or less now, with status of "colony" and a more or less "small" detachment of members, but in a kind of "second home" for the Asimoss race.

This, again, in the very long term, because, for that to happen, even if they are still beyond the reach of human beings in terms of being seen and interacting with us, they must bring the planet to the technological level necessary for a massive presence of them (which does not have to happen, but again, those are their plans), will come to pass.

Therefore, they need communication capabilities and technological systems on the planet that they can then also use globally to interconnect their different and future hypothetical cities and bases and, for this reason, for a few years they began to deliver much more technology at a more advanced rate. On the one hand, we have already seen in previous articles on the economy why they have given us blockchain technology, since an increase in Asimoss on the planet means that they need much more energy to power all their systems. They have been giving us more knowledge about artificial intelligence, since the systems have to self-manage themselves and we are going to set up the bar as we develop this technology. They have given us the information to create the "Internet of Things" so that everything is connected to each other and easily managed by previous AIs, and they have given us quantum computing, even in a "primitive" way, but little by little in development, and of course, the fifth generation of mobile phones, 5G to connect all this in real time.

This means that 5G does everything that 4G plus 3G, 2G and 1G does, but also serves to connect all the "technological" things on the planet. This helps the Asimoss to have data on anything that happens in any corner of the world, to have each hyper-mega human being located and supervised and to have everyone on a mobile phone all day and increasingly dependent on it.

Think that both 4G and 5G make it easy for people and devices to be connected anywhere at any time. Its application will make the real world a global Wi-Fi zone with a mobile IP address assigned according to the connected network and geographical position, so that our exact location and pinpointed location ensure it. Most of humanity is not worried about this, but it is, since a control system has been created that is increasingly reaching "extreme" extremes in every way disguised as advancement and technological growth.

On the other hand, the impact of 5G antennas on the person's energy system is similar to that of 4G, but somewhat more intense, that is, it causes alteration in all cells, disharmony at the level of prana and generic mismatch in all our components, enhancing the health problems that the person already has in him. The fear of the implementation of this 5G that is now increasing all over the planet is also artificially provoked, as they take advantage of this to lower us in frequency and vibration and alter us further, making us believe that "now" they are going to make us sick or manipulate us with this new technology. Again, as you have seen, they have already been doing it for 30 years with the previous ones and they will continue doing it with the following ones as long as we do not renounce the use of the mobile phone (something that, I know, will never happen since it is already part of our life as an inseparable form).

Sixth generation mobile networks (6G, under development)

Finally, and while in the coming years it is intended to deploy the entire 5G network, now the development of the next generation of mobile phones is just beginning, the sixth, mainly by Chinese companies that are leading the way in this type of technology. The Asimoss have chosen them for their development because of the “ease” to be managed (the Chinese people) en masse, and because they work all the hours it takes without (almost) protesting and with discipline to bring it to market in the deadlines that the RIC wishes.

The mobile 6G will bring included features of facial and tactile recognition to an incredible level, and will facilitate the interconnection of all the above through IAs that coordinate all the processes in real time, and possibly everything that in the future will have to be done it will have to be approved by our mobile from apps that connect with the "central" systems of the government in power.

Possibly it is the advanced version of what we already see in Chinese society and in most of its cities, where the government "gives points" or "removes points" for good or bad social behavior, where to enter the subway is done by facial recognition, etc. They are futuristic things, which I am sure will remind you of Black Mirror and things like that, but basically it is what in a decade or so this new mobile generation will possibly (if nothing changes) bring us.

With more or less all this already reviewed, in the following article and in another one we talk a little about the implications that all this has for our society, what they have achieved so far, how the advancement of these systems is perceived in the timelines, etc.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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