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Aug 29, 2017
I read a while back that souls are grouped into teams that are aligned with the Elements. Those teams are assigned tasks as a soul group. I am guessing I am aligned with the water element:

I have had an unnatural lack of fear of water since I was able to walk. I would jump in to the deep end of pools as a small child and bob away happily (my poor mother). In grade 3, I announced that I wanted to be Marine Biologist (I live 1,000 miles from the ocean). My favorite color since day one has been blue. I feel a deep connection to dolphins. When I first began to meditate I felt a strong presence of Mer-people. When I am near bodies of water I just want to be alone with my thoughts and be silent. In the last few years I have felt a connection to the Sirius star system (has at least one water planet). I have dreams of cleaning small lakes and rivers. When I do clearings on myself, I always have lots of energy to clear under the water element... I could go on.

Any of those traits ring strong for you as well Anaeika?

Goooo Team Water!

that gives me a bit to think, if i can take a hand on what element i am attracted more i know a bit more aobut me which is quite poor so far on the concious 3d thoughts

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