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Jul 23, 2016
Arkansas, USA
One day when I was in Hot Springs, AR, I was browsing crystal stores and found one called, Crystal Springs Gallery. I was blown away by the large amount of unusual and exotic crystals in the store. Many are in glass boxes because they are so delicate and rare. This is a place I could spend many hours and lots of money in

I started a conversation with the sales woman and she told me that the store is the home of the show, Mineral Explorers. This is a TV show on public television that Krena told me about. The show takes place all over the world and in each show they explore the most beautiful and exotic crystals in different areas. Thomas Nagin is the explorer on the show and the store owner and he brings many of the crystals he finds back to be sold at his store.

If you're ever in Hot Springs and you love crystals this is a stop you won't want to miss!


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