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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

sun and mercury transit.jpeg
he Taurean full moon is now being felt and will be exact in two days, late night in NZ on the 13th, so should be on the 13th in most parts of the world earlier in the day, as we are ahead of many other countries time wise.

This moon is about our security zones, our finances, our emotional security, and what we value the most, plus our self image.
And if we feel we are lacking in any of the above then this moon could bring more intensity than usual as this is about our very “self” and our needs.

So this is a good one to carry out plans that involve any of the above as long as it is not something that comes up from insecurities that we have not dealt with. If the latter, then it’s a good time to talk about this to a trusted person and work on those very issues of what we feel we are lacking or missing out on.

Full moons are good for carrying out plans made earlier as long as we are doing this with people of like mind.

This one will be felt from any time now and could involve finding the courage to ask for what we need but with the understanding that other peoples reactions can be stronger than usual, and their insecurities could also be triggered.

(It's also the best full moon to really nurture and care for self if you cant get what you want and need from others.)

This full moon is very much about our self image - how we think others see us, but also how we see ourselves so we could be more sensitive about the same.

Perhaps if we decide to have a makeover for example it's important not to go too far in a direction that could be hard to reverse such as cosmetic surgery or tattoos just as examples…
Minds change after full moons, so not a good time to rush off to Vegas to get married etc!

Apart from the moon build up which will affect Taurus type peoples most and Scorpios second, today brings more noviles which are the aspects that brings an integration of new knowledge in ways that help us on our spiritual path.

The Sun from Scorpio noviles Ceres in Sag so those signs could get some satisfaction from this in how they are expressing their deeper needs, feelings, and also their active care to others.

The other novile is Venus in Sag to Pluto in Capricorn so this one is similar and brings in our security needs also, like the full moon is doing, but it’s a helpful aspect for Sagis and Capricorns, Scorpios and Taureans as well as Librans.

Tomorrow the sun conjuncts RX Mercury as the Sun/Mercury transit happens which strengthens the effect on Geminis and Virgos, also Leos in this case very much so, AND Scorpios.

This means a special event- special news and many cerebral breakthroughs for many people with the Sun involved, so as the degree is 19 Scorpio, anyone with planets on that degree or near it, or those born about now are going to have a quite auspicious birthday.

Anyone you meet or news you get will have a profound effect on your lives and this involves all of us in some sense at least.

Look to where 19 degrees Scorpio is in your chart to see where you can astound people with your wisdom today or during these few days, or be astounded.

Make the most of this one Scorpios if you have something to express that you have been waiting for the right moment for.
Or anyone who has a need to do the same – especially Virgos and Geminis.

It's your time to really shine ! And of course with Taureans and your full moon it’s the same for you.

But this aspect is there for us all to grab onto and make the most of as Mercury Transits the Sun, a very rare event



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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
What a picture of the Mercury transit across the roiling sun!
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Jul 20, 2016
Looking at the moon last night, I had a sense that it was like the first piece in a Rube Goldberg machine or the first domino in a series - all ready to kick off.

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