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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

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Now that the new moon is behind us with all its dramatic impact we can talk about the approach of Mercury Rx as now Mercury is slowing down in “hir” motion, ready to station in 2 days time at 27 degrees Scorpio, which means s/he will stay in this sign for another 5 weeks and go direct again on the 20th Nov.

During this Rx period we get a chance to complete something we may have been researching or preparing, dig even deeper to get the facts we need, uncover any hidden information we may need to make use of.

This is a retrograde that could bring much more to the surface and we can look for an example in what is happening with President Trump's possible impeachment. Those behind the scenes are working hard on both sides with regard to this situation. P Trump is ruled by Mercury being Gemini so he will be feeling it and keeping a lot to himself also.

Mercury in Scorpio is good at this sort of thing and brings a great passion to get to the bottom of things and not leave a stone unturned.

So on both a global and personal level this RX of Mercury is extra powerful.

The only people who need to worry about such an Rx as this are those who have something to hide as many secrets will be revealed.

So Gemini and Virgo type people , also Scorpios are the signs most involved, but Mercury Rx can affect us all and generally the period ahead is the time to find missing items and reboot our mental hard drives and discover missing bits in our psyches.

This is NOT a negative people, this is necessary and is why it happens often, so we don’t get ahead of ourselves. Every now and again we need to stop and reassess our lives and catch up with ourselves.

This period is excellent for going over old ground, finding a new perspective and if we lose paper work or have things break down then this is our own higher self saying – “slow down for a while”.

There CAN be misunderstandings , delays in paper work, missed appointments etc but the same message is there.

The moon will be in Sagittarius until Mercury stations so try not to rush around too much or you WILL lose something! This is a motivating and active period just ahead when we can get a lot done in preparation for the slowing down and contemplating that will be happening.
Green lights GO for Sagis these few days!

Jupiter in Sag is quincunx Vesta in Taurus urging us to keep those inner fires burning brightly so we can use our enthusiasm and drive in ways that do not mess with our security systems and personal boundaries.

Tomorrow which is the Beltane Spring Festival on my side of the world, brings Mercury conjunct Venus at 27 Scorpio so there is a kiss goodbye between them as they go in different directions in the coming weeks.

This could apply in person to some Gemini/Virgo and Libran/Taurean type people who may also be separating for a while.

This represents a letting go of being in our heads too much and being more hands on, allowing ourselves to smell the flowers for a while.

It's time to have a break for a lot of us in the Mercury Rx period in fact.(I will be)

Venus will also oppose Sedna ,a planet named after the Inuit Goddess of the oceans who was betrayed and killed by her father.
This happens Scorpio to Taurus and has a theme of betrayal of the worst sort but having no choice but to transform on deep levels of being and to use the experience to rise up and take control, having gained a new level of consciousness and power.
This is about acceptance of our mortality while on this planet but also acceptance that we are an immortal soul that lives many lifetimes, powerful beyond measure that can do much good for others rather than wallow in our misery and remain victims full of blame.

This in itself is a Scorpio new moon energy.

Those who are Scorpio or Taurean in nature or any of us at all can ponder on this if we are feeling like victims, and rise above the negativity, grow stronger, and transform the energy to help make a difference in the world.

Mercury will station on a Crescent moon which is an excellent time so we can do that mental reboot that will help us reap the benefits of what we have learnt in the last week about life the universe and everything.


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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
Sounds like a great time to take a step back to sort through thoughts and things.
Perhaps I'll start that long overdue clean up in preparation for what next year brings.
Thanks, wonderful as usual<3
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Hailstones Melt

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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
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