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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Forgive this long post but with Mercury now direct since the Perigee full moon there is a lot of information coming our way and a lot to think about, almost too much at times as a world health crisis increases.

World leaders are affected as well as the every day person and we need more stories of recoveries and a little less doom and gloom, as fear is a mind killer and we do not need to buy into that.
But we can take this opportunity to stay healthy and for myself its 500 mg of Vit C a day to keep my immune levels up and making sure I am always hydrated, and yes it does help.

The rest is about taking extra care when out and about, and eating healthy food.
If we get the virus and we could as it spreads like a common cold then we should step up the C to 5000 or 6000 mg, (cheap brands are fine), and use something like Echinacea or Bee Propolis tincture to kill the virus as they are very helpful for anything affecting the respiratory system. This is a better investment than TP !

You may have your own cures but these work for me in severe cases of viral infection and I have had some very bad viruses in my long life.

The Moon is now in Scorpio so there is a little intensity around. 'Green lights go' for Scorpios as this is when they are in their element.

Today's aspects are not dramatic except for maybe the Mars in Capricorn square to Juno in Libra which is a warning not to act on our fears and to make sure we have right motive and are a keeping a balance when interacting with loved ones or planning events.
Fear comes from the past and not the present but it's still important to weigh things up well before we leap blindly into anything we may regret.

And this aspect could bring a confrontation with someone who is generating fear for that matter, especially so for Aries type people or Capricorns, or Librans.

The Suns novile to Uranus in Taurus is more helpful for staying grounded while using inventive solutions and original thinking to navigate any complex entanglements that arise.
Aquarians and Taureans , Pisces too should benefit in this sense.

Tomorrow Chiron in Aries will square the Moons nodes in Capricorn and Cancer. This is a little worrying as it does bring a bit of a damper for some Cardinal signs that like to be active and on the go, but are having to obey the “rules” a little more lately, so this is saying 'be alert but not alarmed' and don’t rush into things. Chiron is telling us sometimes we just have to be cautious and that’s that!

The Suns sextile from Pisces to Capricorn helps us ponder on life, the universe and everything so we can understand the reasoning behind a lot of what is happening in this present time.

But what I really want to write about is that we are getting close to the major change of signs of Saturn from Capricorn where he has been for 3 years now, into Aquarius which will be happening on the 22nd of March.

This is major for the world and we people on it. Saturn in his own sign has been strong and all about the rules and the regulations and structure around us. World Govs and large financial institutions are ruled by this sign and the old system pretty much.
We have all been pretty much forced to work on our weaknesses and also our strengths, and one thing is that many of us have now got better organising or management skills and more structure in our lives too, as Saturn was pretty happy in this sign but still extra tough on our weaknesses.

For Capricorns it's been doubly so, and for Cancerians its been really tough these few years. Arians and Librans have had their challenges too and those with a Cancerian or Capricorn ascending sign have done it hard as well on physical levels and with relationships.

The Eclipses in the same signs have been bringing major cathartic events every 6 months since July and these will end in June/July which is the end of one era in the lives of Capricorn and Cancerian types of people.

However this 'end of era' begins on the 22nd March but Saturn will not settle totally into Aquarius until mid Dec.

Saturn's move into Aquarius will bring many changing laws concerning communities, media, technology – aviation , schools, groups and companies too. This makes sense in the present circumstances and this will all shift and change as the year progresses as this is a year of transition from one way of life to another.
In a sense its going to give us more scope for free thinking and a more freelance approach to life.(Maybe people working at home more or even schooling at home).

But that will be more long term. A big focus should shift for all of us from the old ways to an entirely different way of life as we adjust to sudden new rules that work for the good of the whole, rather than just certain countries.

It comes to mind that matters relating to race, creed and gender, minority groups and equality of all people and discrimination concerning the same, will no longer be such a big deal to petty minds, as we have something much more threatening to think about.

This move of Saturn could bode well for counties at war as the world fights a common foe.

And for environmental issues such as pollution, this present Health threat could, hopefully, mean there is going to have to be a big cleanup world wide for the same purpose of better hygiene.

In a nutshell in regard to Saturn into Aquarius, “Times sure are achanging”


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Involved Wayfarer
Nov 1, 2018
"Fear comes from the past."

Yeah I had no idea how far back in the past. My immediate issue comes from this live and a previous one (as linear time goes). A deeper goes back one life before that! Now that I saw those lives, it all makes sense and my path is clear on how to fix those issues.
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Collected Consciousness
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Aug 28, 2016
Yup! *clap, clap, clap* Yes, exactly this. Bingo!
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