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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Mercury is now in Sagittarius for three weeks until the 21st Dec, by which time the whole world would have done a complete turnaround as by then both Saturn and Jupiter would have changed signs to Aquarius and Hallejulia for that!

Mercury in Sag means the truth is coming out now big time as Mercury has been in the highly secretive Scorpio on and off since Oct, so his move yesterday is big news in itself amidst these cathartic eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius.

All that has been hidden for too long now is emerging for the world to see and Sagittarius as we know is very outspoken, doesn't hold back a thing. Sure this sign can exaggerate to the extreme at times but this is surely better than secrecy in the current world situation.

Sagittarians will be getting a lot of communication right now, not all will be what they want to hear as there are some glitches around with the lunar eclipse energy still and more to come no doubt but on the whole this will get their expansive minds working at their best.

For the Virgos and Geminis types of the world the same applies and the best thing about this is that rather than these signs being bogged down in science or overthinking/analysing they will have light bulb moments of the best sort as the bigger picture opens up before their eyes.

The aspects are mellow today with a sextile of Venus in Scorpio to Vesta in Virgo, all about protecting our boundaries on inner and outer levels, staying strong in ourselves as we do need to this month.

The truths revealed may not appeal to everyone and we still need to be discerning in what actually IS truth but at least all the information will be there to see in graphic detail.

Venus also quintiles Jupiter in Capricorn, speaking of truth which is a good thing as it validates so many of us in our thought processes and understanding, as well as being reassuring as far as peoples integrity and social needs and expectations, laws etc are concerned.

All these influences are positive signs for better times to come and I do think the old saying "The truth will set you free" is relevant here but it could mean the opposite for those who have been covering the truth for far too long now.
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