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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
mercury into Leo.jpg
Mercury moves into Leo today until the 26th July to bring some more confidence, motivation and creativity to our communication especially for Leos, and Leo types of course so they can be their exuberant best, speaking out as only they know how , inspiring their audiences in the very best way and shining their special Leo light to all.

Heart centred thinking will prevail in the three weeks ahead .

Geminis and Virgos also will gain greatly in confidence in the weeks ahead with a peak during the coming New Moon phase which is always a new beginning in the areas of our charts that Cancer covers.

During the Mercury /Cancer phase our thinking was largely dominated by our emotions., sometimes helpful but often not.

All of the above positives of Mercury in Leo can apply to any of us that need to be our best selves to accomplish something that’s important to us and that needs that extra flair and creative touch so we are heard so our efforts are noticed as well as they can be.

Today Mercury opposes Pluto which is really "in depth", at 1 degree Leo and Aquarius so we can all put our thinking caps on to make the most of what Mercury in Leo offers and get to the root of things, bring out what has been hidden to use to the best of our ability. This is excellent for research and analysis too.

This is a real “release” kind of energy and should bring clarity to our thoughts and lives if things have been a bit stuck with Saturn's station.
Saturn is now starting to move so this means red tape will move out of the way and a different path open up for we who need it badly.
Virgos. Geminis, Leos, Aquarians and Scorpios will particularly appreciate this.

Venus is helpful with a trine aspect to Saturn to bring out the best of his rays . This happens at 18 degrees Pisces and Cancer, a lovely aspect of care, stability and security on all levels.
Cancerians will appreciate this and Pisceans too.

Venus also trines Pallas in Scorpio which is a helpful influence for the above to bring out the best of Pluto's in depth aspect to Mercury.

Once more energies are shifting and changing as we move into the year, already more than half way through. Time as we know it is different, along with everything else in our lives .

We are all adjusting to a whole new energy and paradigm which is still largely an unknown .

We can count our blessings daily as we adjust time and time again to life being so very different than we once knew it.

Its so easy to view it all as negative but there are many positives that are in front of our eyes that we haven’t learnt to process or even “see” as yet as our entire systems transcend into a higher state of consciousness whether we decide to stay here and see it through or leave for other realms.

We are all creating the new future whether we know it or not so we must monitor our thoughts like never before and our words so we are adding to the light and not detracting from it.
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Nov 14, 2021
New Zealand
I feel that's a valid point about not being able to see the positives and thinking that it's all negativity in the world today. Keep our conscious selves in high vibration and we will win through.
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