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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Yesterday Mercury moved into Cancer to turn our thoughts to matters relating to family and/or loved ones.
Mercury in this sign will allow us to think more of ways we can gain information to help us find the security we need and are seeking, or involves the protection of loved ones and our homes.
Or if we are thinking globally, the safety and wellbeing of the people, the public.

This position also helps us get more in touch with our own inner needs, that inner child within that needs to feel safe and loved but often can be fearful and anxious when their world isn’t as stable as it could be, and lets face it, in these times it is our inner child that is triggered with all that's going on with Global health.

We need to hear that we are perfectly capable of caring for self and doing what's right for self without being bullied by an apparently patriarchal system that thinks people need to be herded like animals into pens and injected en masse without having a lot of say about it, nor knowing how to refuse as all people need is to feel safe, and we look to those in power as in Governments to inform us of our choices at least rather than not be told the whole story. We want to believe those we have trusted before, as we wanted to trust our parents when children.

In those "good old days" there were at least some old common sense remedies around for most illnesses which in my opinion at least still apply now.
At any rate apart from this Mercury position putting focus on our safety and security or health concerns, Cancerian people will definitely be able to open up their lines of communication a bit more in the coming 17 days or so.

This is also good for the general public to get needed information as Cancer is about the people, families and children- parenting.

Virgos and Geminis will enjoy getting more up close and personal with their families also in this time rather than intellectualising just about everything. They may even allow some hugs from those who care, as we do not want hugging to become a thing of the past.

If we continue down the path the world is on at present, physical contact and touch will become a thing of the past so please people, don’t let this happen! Use critical thinking to work out how some things just don’t make sense at all in our societies where fear has clouded our judgment in this last 18 months or so.

Remember how we were told not to allow Terrorists to stop us living our lives, or give into that fear?

Then think of how we have been taught to fear something that even soap can destroy.

Today Lilith is conjunct the North node at around 10 degrees Gemini, rather a fated aspect that speaks to me of a transitional point in our way of communicating, or even thinking, a karmic aspect to remind us to be discerning and delve into that deeper shadow aspect of self for answers and don’t be afraid to express solutions that may seem primitive or outdated. If we trust our subconscious a little more and basic instincts, even when our intellect is saying otherwise – we may end up healthier and be able to live a fuller life in these times.

We are human beings here to live our lives according to our own plan not someone elses.

A very positive and motivating trine of Mercury in Cancer to Jupiter in Pisces will help us stay on track and find that intuition within that is needed so much right now, which will help us have a little fun and laughter, whet our curiosity too so we can find interest at least in the new scenarios surrounding us and even the strange behaviour and actions of those we come in contact with.

There is always something new to learn each day and after all, that is what we are here on this planet for- to grow and evolve and not quiver in fear within our homes afraid to set foot out the door.

Tomorrow a strong aspect happens at 20 degrees Leo of Venus and Mars. This is heady stuff for lovers or those who are seeking one especially if they have planets or points near that degree in Leo.

This is a passionate and highly motivating , enthusiastic aspect of male/female energy uniting and will manifest in different ways for different people. It’s a time when some could meet a highly attractive person and fall in love. Or it’s a time when there are clashes of temperament especially between different genders.

Whatever this means it will bring action and powerful energies that will in turn have powerful results whether its people meeting, or a special event that carries strong dynamic power.
Some Leos will get a lot of attention. This aspect will put certain well known people in the limelight in fact.
Taureans, Librans and Arians will be affected strongly or that "type" of person.

As its global it will be interesting to see how it manifests.

Pallas is at station before going backwards in Pisces 27 degrees which is nice and close to my IC as it happens.
Pallas gets a chance to finish what she didn’t complete in areas of the use of compassion and creative thinking - intuition too as a mean of solving ongoing global matters that affect the masses, especially in areas of health, all that affects the innocents of the world including animals and those who are victims of a system that is way out of sync just now .
Pallas knows how to make things right for the world without war or violence so lets hope she does her work well in the coming months.

Tomorrow is the Crescent Moon phase beginning which is the time to for collecting more information, making contacts and learning more about our plan or project that was likely to have been formulated near the New Moon phase..
Keywords: Activation; Striving; Future

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