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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Mercury is at station about to be off and running again, spreading the word as s/he does so well.
Information will begin to flow again and decisions will be easier to make now we have the information we need and a clearer head.

A lot has been weighed up and much has been discussed and revised. Hopefully all pieces of our puzzles have been found and are now in place with anything relating to our families, homes and security levels.

This is especially so for Virgos, Geminis and Cancerians where Mercury still is and will be until the 5th August just after the Aquarian full moon.

Globally this is good for anything relating to people, the public and will help us all get back on a clear path, with a little more knowledge to carry with us.

Today Chiron is also at station ready to retrograde in no nonsense Aries until the end of the year, to cover some old ground in areas of what action is still needed to encourage people to use their own good common sense and wisdom to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing, as every one has it within self to do so.

The moon is in Aries one more day to help us use that no nonsense energy and courage to help us forge the new path we have been trying to create since the Lunar eclipse that has indeed ended an era for so many of us who have been far to stuck in the old ways and want to help create a new Earth, which is going to take every skill we have as co-creators to establish.

The Sun in Cancer is novile(40 degrees) Venus who is still wending her socially astute way through Gemini until the 8th August.

The novile aspect helps with completion and accepting changes on a more multidimensional level so this will benefit Cancerians and Geminis the most, Leos too, but because the Sun is involved we can all tap into this energy.

Venus is a generous planet and helps us all to meet on common ground when in her best form.
In Gemini she helps us do the social networking thing in healthy ways, to sense the needs of others and respond accordingly.


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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
This all sounds like very healthy movement generally and specifically with respect to covid.
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