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Mental Health Awakening & Your Spiritual Emergence


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On behalf of my friend Marikka who’s a spiritual emergence and life coach, and is part of the team of Mental Health Awakening, I wanted to share and discuss this crowd funding project. When we wake up on a spiritual level, many of us could do with some support as so much can change in our world. That is what this project is all about.

The Mental Health Awakening team have plans to create three products; a 2-hour online Docutraining® (documentary film with structured learning and community interaction) called “Mental Health Awakening” that will illuminate Spiritual Emergency as a legitimate, dynamic and often necessary experience on the path of personal evolution and wellbeing; a one hour film, and a 22-min film for public broadcasting on TV which will be derived from the Docutraining to expand their outreach and provide inspiration and public discussion on the topic.

Personally I’ve had a lot of people approach me for help after their own ‘spiritual emergence’, so can understand how this project is beneficial.

If you would like to support their efforts, head on over to their site here, https://imhu.org/mental-health-awakening/, and scroll down to the bottom to find the section on Funding Needed. Below are some quick links a well.

Crowdfunding Link: https://www.crowdrise.com/information-to-optimize-mental-health/fundraiser/foundation-for-energy-therapies-inc
Gifts you can get for donations: https://imhu.org/donation

Below is an introduction to all of this:


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