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Nov 1, 2018
I have this rock I found at a mine I went to in South Carolina months ago. We really wanted to find amethyst at this mine but we only found some small pieces of various types of quartz. Then I found this brown rock. When I was at the mine something told me to keep it. It was unattractive, unassuming, fairly plain. So I kept it.

So yesterday I meditated with it. I saw in my mind lots of gold sparks shooting up from the rock into my hand. There were so many gold sparks it was like a sheet of gold fire. Some of these sparks went to many of my chakras, some went out into the neighborhood. I don't know how I know this but these sparks are "anchor points" and once they anchor somewhere, they somehow draw in positive energy and spread it around, almost like fertilizer for the soul. This energy gets locked at these anchor points and the energy slowly spreads and grows, changing things, awakening people, charging them.

Gotta go, my HS is screaming "meditate with this rock some more!" lol.


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Jul 28, 2016
I wonder what kind of goodness that little stone carries.

I've personally had the opportunity to go to a museum of natural history recently and found out about a couple of stones which are new to me: erythrite and retgersite. Haven't had a chance to look them up to see what properties they may bring with them...
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