Master Healer Dennis Adams of Mt. Shasta (interview) (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2016
Don't know how I stumbled across him in the first place, had it bookmarked a while but now watched it and did not regret it.

Dennis Adams is a natural mind/energy healer from Mt. Shasta and has had lots of success so far, even while working in a hospital together with doctors. He also does teaching and seminars even today.

These videos are from 2007 and 2008 when YT still had restrictions for length (10 or 15 min. or so), that is why it is in 8 segments, the whole interview is therefore not very long.

He has an interesting story and views to share. He talks about "God" doing the healing through him as he 'let's it in' but he has a more mystical view of God which becomes clear.
I also like about his message that everybody can be a healer. That's why he is also teaching. He also says Jesus also was just trying to show people that we can all become healers and 'do miracles' if we just 'let God happen' - make the (re)connection, so to speak.
As a kid already he had due to surgery and pain lots of out-of-body experiences and learnt to control and heal his pains. He says he can also do other stuff like move his hands through solid objects, etc.

Really interesting guy. The last video is one from a TV show where he proved his skills with instant healing success of severe chronic cases.



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Aug 28, 2016
Sinera , just finished watching these videos. Thank you for posting them.

Are some people born with it? If we all can learn this ability, it is stronger in some and weaker in others?

I would like to learn & be connected to God to help heal others. It’s an inner healer’s knowing of this latent ability which needs to be developed & expressed.
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Apr 9, 2018
Here is Dennis’s website:

He also has his workshops posted.
I have been fortunate to know and study with Dennis for about 27 years and detailed many of the paranormal and healing experiences and teachings I observed in my memoir, Tennis With God. From my perspective, he believes everyone can be a healer because we all have contact with the Totality that produces the healing effect. Although he was born with several gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc., healing was not something he began to develop until he left being in the woods for eight years and was then studied under scientific conditions by consciousness researchers such as Stan Krippner and Elizabeth Rauscher, Phd. The healing techniques he use appear quite simple but are yet quite effective. Bottom line, consciousness can overcome matter and produce miraculous results but not in every case because individual karma can set certain limits. He lives near Mt. Shasta, CA does workshops in the San Francisco area a few times per year and is also available for personal healings and consultations.

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