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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Mars rules the day as he is in conjunction with Mercury and with the Sun.

It’s a very fiery and active day for Virgos therefore, also for Gemini type people, and probably Leos.

And for Arians it’s a very talkative sort of day with a lot of discussions more than likely, where they can be more in the limelight than usual. The same with all the above signs.

But whoever this effects will be a bit sped up mentally and physically too.

And there could be disagreements and probable ego clashes and a lot of nit picking… Its important to slow down consciously for all of us as there is also some impatience likely to emerge.
Count to ten when you need to.

Use your courage and your energy in positive ways as there is plenty of it around today.

Ideally we can all use the energy to get stuff done and shut out all the petty stuff that doesn’t really count in the final analysis, with “analysis” being the key word with all this Virgo energy around.

It’s a kind of D day in a way for at least two different aspects of our lives it seems with the three planetary bodies so strong.

We have mind and body all geared up and our energy levels all ready to go.

Lets hope the opposition of Venus in Virgo (which is about the emotional side of things) opposite to Neptune, which is in Virgo's relationship sign of Pisces, doesn’t get in the way with any confusion of how we actually FEEL about all these bright ideas and action happening or about to.

But today could be the day when it all happens the way we have been dreaming it could.
Or if we have been quietly visualising what we would love to happen, I would say the manifestation is on its way.

So be careful what you wish for, all those dreamers out there is all I can say!

Mars is saying once more don’t hesitate – just do it. Venus is saying – be gentle with me please !

So if you are Taurus, Libran or Piscean for that matter, or that "type" of person, take care out there today and be kind to yourself. Be wary of outspoken people and know that if you meet one of them, they just can't help but be a little sharp with their words or more pushy than usual.

All this with the moon in the very intense and in depth Scorpio.

So we will add Cancerians and Scorpios to the list of sensitive people today although the latter have been known to give as good as they get and they do have the power today with the moon to back them up.


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Jul 28, 2016
Spot on:-D
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