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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Happy first day of spring everyone in my part of the world, Australia and NZ.
It must be getting near Autumn in other parts.

Mercury is now in Libra which has helped us balance things out a little but also brought a lot more queries of how to maintain that balance in self – it has for me I know.

As Mercury will be in Libra much longer than the usual 2 weeks or so in a sign, due to a retrograde on 26th Sept for just over two months, this gives us a good chance to rethink and review this question of balance in a world that appears dreadfully unbalanced at this point in our history.
Libra is all about politics and never has the balance been more towards world leaders agendas and less towards the people's thoughts and needs.

But as far as interacting with other humans, this position of Mercury in the heavens will help us try to understand other peoples view points and be a bit kinder to each other even if we disagree on certain things. We can do our best to understand and compromise , as we are definitely having to more and more every day.

But the Libran scales can tilt so easily when something or someone gets too heavy, and in this case it could be a global situation when Mercury goes Rx on the 26th Sept so we may all have to rethink our options then. This made me check the transits at that time and its the day after that Mars conjuncts Makemake and Moon conjuncts Uranus, so there could be some surprises in store that bring some radical and immediate actions or vice versa.
The day itself will be a stable , structured day and also days to follow so whatever this tilting scales brings should be a good thing for us all long term.

And checking when Mercury goes direct on the 18th Oct, this is when Jupiter is also going direct so good news should prevail then and the days to come.
This I believe could be when any remaining lock downs are removed and sanity returns to the world as thats been my hunch all along for this year.

Oct seems to be a crucial time in Earths history when we move on to a new stage of our future in regard to this age of Aquarius coming in fast. This will be when Saturn is also in direct motion which happens on 10th Oct.

There will be some powerful aspects near the 17th Oct when Mercury and Jupiter go direct, including Sun square Pluto, followed by Sun conjunct Haumea bringing a kind of rebirth and “recreation” for the planet.

In the meantime today Mars in Virgo at 21 -22 degrees is opposing Pallas in Pisces suggesting urgent calls for round the table discussions to solve issues that are bringing much angst and even anger around certain areas of our health systems.

Virgos and Pisceans could notice this as a need to question a few matters in relation to personal health and wellbeing, daily routine and discuss if they can with someone who has ways of finding answers to usually unsolvable questions.

The Goddess energies will be strong tomorrow which should have a soothing and healing effect on any of us, with Saturn trine to Ceres, from Aquarius to Gemini 8 degrees, a promise of love reunited and the right words said to feel secure in self and in our ability to convey our care and love to those who matter, as well as any others in a community who need to be reassured that love rules always, and can be networked throughout the world.

Aquarians, Capricorns, and Geminis can enjoy this one to pass on their own messages of love but a good reminder for us all to do the same in unconditional ways.

Juno is strong tomorrow in a septile to Venus which reflects our inner reality and is very linked to karma and destiny in areas of close relationships versus freedom and not allowing love to be oppressive.

This one is for Sagittarians , Taureans, Librans too or that type of person if they are having dilemmas where different beliefs are getting in the way of harmony.

This aspect could in fact be helpful for all of us going through the same as it seems to be a human condition at this point in time.

In two days time there is a strong aspect of fire and water energy happening on the Balsamic Moon. Mars in Virgo will exactly oppose Neptune at 22 degrees Pisces .
Im quite pleased that this one doesn’t happen with a Perigee or Apogee Moon or Full or New Moon or Eclipse, as in the past I have seen explosions as a feature with this one whether at sea or elsewhere .

We can expect ships and oceans to be in the news as well as situations where poisons or medical news is more radical than usual.

This one also can bring more than the usual accidents with vehicles (Neptunes horses) and also larger animals could be involved as well as, in this case smaller, as Virgo rules small animals or creatures and Pisces large.

Sparks will fly in some way when this aspect is close and on the day, so take extra care if you have planets in or near these degrees in Pisces/Virgo or in square to them in Sag or Gemini.

Venus will helpfully be conjunct Vesta at 21 Libra a beautiful aspect of spiritual strength and shining light within, and ability to keep our boundaries strong on all levels on that exact day.

The Balsamic Moon phase will be beginning on Fri on our side of the world and Thursday elsewhere, which is not the best time to begin something new, but favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general. A time for personal reflection, tying up loose ends.

Keywords: Incubation; Preparation; Closure; Surrender
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