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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Life gets busy for Virgos today as Mars enters their sign, bringing a chance to put their thoughts into action, as Virgos are often planning and analysing data, sometimes being cautious when it comes to making manifest their thoughts and clever ideas.

It's important however to take care and not be impatient for those who have a strong Mars in their birth charts as there could be some clashes with other strong personalities.

But generally this will bring an exciting 6 weeks or so ahead and a time to get physical for Virgos and those of us who have a strong Virgo influence by Sun, moon, Ascending sign or Midheaven.

Its also time to speak out if we need to if we have been holding back as Mars brings courage and to do things we have not quite had the nerve to do before.

It could also bring some strong personalities into the lives of Virgo people, especially so in the next few days for those born at the beginning of the sign.

For Aries the influence will be quite opposite, giving them a chance to slow down and think things out a bit more before they act. A good time for planning and taking care of health and safety matters in fact in the coming weeks.

The same could be said for all of us as this is a time when we can put our own plans into action and pay more attention to everything we may have been putting off in areas of our health and wellbeing, our pets too as they are ruled by this sign, especially of the smaller variety.

The moon has been in Pisces these last few days which has brought a lot of sensitivity for some of us, also a lot of intuition and creative thinking.

And speaking of Pisces, with Mars in our opposite sign it puts focus on relationships and strong personalities bringing some challenges our way, so take care out there Pisces people in the coming weeks.

Mars will speed up the lives of Pisces people so it’s important to slow down now and again and take stock – just breathe for a while, as its going to be a busy time with a lot of coming and going.

Those of us born in the last days of February will feel it first in the coming week from today.

As the moon is about to enter Aries it will emphasise the strong new Mars in Virgo,effect, so we all get a bit of a power surge, as there will be a real shift in energy that most of us notice.
Whereas there has been a holding back in certain areas, now it will be all go.

Tomorrow the moon conjuncts Chiron bringing healing , soothing energy and a chance to heal some deeper wounds.

Venus in Leo sextiles Pallas in Libra which should see some discussions taking place in a more social setting for some of us, where issues can be resolved in a peaceful or neutral setting.
Pallas is good at that especially in Libra which suits her nature but Venus will not be afraid to speak out if necessary as in Leo she is at her vibrant best.


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