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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand


Mars who once ruled the sign of Scorpio moves with glee and gratitude into this sign today. Hes been in prison in a sense for 6 weeks or greatly subdued at least in his opposite sign of Libra, so now he is in his full armor to face the world and go to battle if needed.

We can all tap into this energy if we wish to, and those of us who have Mars strong in their life patterns are going to feel a courageous surge of energy which adds to our personal power.

So let's use this energy wisely people and not take too many scalps with us in the next 6 weeks!

Let's not be too vengeful or too dominant in our attitudes so we can use this energy in ways that gain us more respect.

We don't need to argue a point with someone just to prove we are right and need to remember the lessons of Libra that "everyone IS right at their own level of understanding".
No one will believe something that they are not ready to accept, so we may as well save our energy for those who want to hear our views.

Mars in Scorpio will give us the passion and energy to be our true selves and bring out the power we have been hiding from in self, as well as allowing us to use this power with others in ways that enhance our own lives.

What we have been holding back can now be released.

Scorpios and Arians of course get to make the first move! Mars in Scorpio people will be right there along side them.
Mars OOB will not be far behind.
And Mars on an angle or with your Sun, you will be on the move also before too long.

The rest of us can move in our own good time as long as we do not let impatience or a short fuse influence us too much.

B r e a t h e deeply when necessary



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Jul 28, 2016
I have a few 'life projects' that could use an infusion of 'oomph'.
Right, and remember to breathe:)
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