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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

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Happy New year everyone!

Mars into Sagittarius today but first, I want to mention that right on Christmas Mercury went out of bounds, and still is which means s/he is beyond control of the suns guidance or rule, the Sun being the organizing principle. The OOB planet deviates from normal expression; it becomes exaggerated, somehow unusual, or unconventional. This can manifest in many ways, and can bring different effects such as inappropriate or extreme behavior.
Don’t be surprised if people do not understand what you are talking about or people act a little paranoid perhaps, or hear things that were not said.

When Mercury goes OOB there is also the potential of extremely distorted thought processes, or blowing things out of proportion to what was actually mean.

Disturbing obsessions, fixations could emerge, compulsive thinking, inability to read signals from other people, and issues with at least one of the senses.(For me it was my eyes yesterday).

The fact Mercury is in Capricorn now could influence this sign more than others, but obviously Geminis and Virgos will also have some effect if this is so. But I do believe this has an effect on most people one way or another, and if you were born with an OOB Mercury then you will feel in your total element but a bit over the top .

I like to explain it by combining the planet Uranus with the planet out of bounds, as this helps to understand the effect of it being out of the Suns control or order.

We could also say it’s a bit like Mercury Rx but worse in its surprise qualities.

Therefore the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn at 7 degrees today is going to be wildly exaggerated and outspoken, although I do believe this will bring some extremely good news for certain people with planets near that degree.

This is certainly an aspect that will make the mind soar to unknown corners of the universe and inspire us to express ourselves in grandiose ways to astound our audience.

I do think this is an extremely lucky aspect for Virgos and Geminis, Capricorns AND of course Sagittarians, good for speaking or writing or planning future goals with a lot of confidence.
We can all speak out like a Sagi in fact if we feel the urge.

We can question our truths and expand on them at such a time, extend our capacity to visualize our futures and then make it happen with all that good Capricorn energy to back it up…

AND to top it off and very helpfully, Mars will move into the extraordinarily expansive sign of Sagittarius until the 16th February where he is going to help us have some January adventures, take risks or gambles if we need to and explore all possibilities of the same with much motivation , courage and confidence.

Arians are going to become even more Arian in nature , more outspoken and physically active and flaunt their leadership to all and sundry , with Sagis the same.

SO much fire available for all of us not just those signs.

However, please take care NOT to speed on the roads or be too outspoken, slow down when you need to in the 6 weeks ahead, but if you have been a little slow lately you will find things speeding up a lot in your lives.

It's good Mercury is in Capricorn as it does keep us a bit more sensible for the coming 2 weeks.

It’s the first quarter moon phase today when issues emerge that require taking action or making adjustments. This can be considered a stage of conflict, but also of building. Things are beginning to take off and to gain momentum.


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Aug 29, 2017
It seems here is the explanation of the outburst during this week at work
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