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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Mars, who has been quite the dictator in Capricorn helping Saturn to enforce new rules, has now moved into Aquarius to add a different tone to our lives for 6 weeks, to bring more courage and individual action within our communities, world wide.

Until now he was being rather invasive in Capricorn from mid February while still out of bounds, when the Corona virus was rampaging out of control in those first months of the year.

Being the ruler of viruses (invasive/aggressive) first he was in Sagittarius while out of bounds, not discriminating about where the virus spread, all about travel, and then in Capricorn he got tougher and more forceful.

He came out of bounds at the beginning of March but by then the out of control virus had spread throughout the world.

Now with Mars about to conjunct Saturn tomorrow there is a new scenario beginning that will again have an effect on our communities around the world and some of this will push for more action but it will also bring more rebellion as people begin to demand their rights again, so it will be a bit like the clash on the titans in this matter to begin with.

Army personnel may be brought in to control certain situations so we could see some results of this in weeks to come in certain pockets of the world.

But Mars will encourage more individual action too in our solitude as Mars is very good for taking care of self.

This is quite the survivors position for him to be in as Aquarius likes to hold people at arms length anyway, (very good for social distancing) but Mars also likes action and challenge so he will be off walking, biking or riding when he can and using his exercise equipment at home to get really strong.

I am hoping Mars in this sign will help us all resist the indoctrination of fear that is coming for many who watch the news and the talk of doom and gloom with not very many stories of recoveries and hope to keep us positive.

So hopefully Mars will do this job naturally and we can turn off the TV for a while as what we see all imprints on our psyches and weakens us.

It does come to mind that media and television, internet etc is ruled by Aquarius and its true its also getting a good work out. Mars will make sure it is! This is a sure sign of people working at home on line.

Aquarians can be happy with this move of Mars as it will give them a real boost, although they could be a little more impatient or competitive, even accident prone in this time, so remember to slow down and breathe if you have this sign strong in your chart especially ascending.

Arians can be at their best in areas of technology and science also in this period . They can be at their most original and inventive.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn tomorrow will probably bring a situation of feeling like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This is the energy of having to push hard to get what we want and fight against rules or authorities so I am wondering what the global effect of this will be at this time.
No doubt we will hear about at least one big clash on the media , or a series of events of rebellion where rules have to be enforced.

This aspect, happening in Aquarius at 0 degrees, people with planets there could have a run in with someone who wants to enforce their views or rules onto you. Someone who is a real “pain in the butt”. This could in turn result in an actual physical pain for someone to put up with either through the psychological effect or a physical effect.
This could be the case for anyone with a 0 degree planet in their birth chart in fact.

But I prefer to think of this aspect as “back up is on the way” and a few answers to our questions to come to light that will enhance our own survival skills and individuality.

Another strong aspect today is in a similar vein as Venus at 27 degrees Taurus conjuncts Sedna the planet named after the Inuit Sea Goddess, a favourite of mine.

Sedna tells us not to be a victim but to use our own judgement and wisdom, so we are not drawn into the density of fear and despair but to call on the Goddess energy within to rise up and be strong, accept our situation but also make it work for us so we are strong and can take care of others, even those who may have hurt us or tried to take our power from us.

Taureans and Librans could experience something special in these few days in this regard and find reserves of strength to call on.
Anyone with planets around this degree may even meet someone who reminds them of this legend and help them find the same within.


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