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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Back in April there was a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus right at the time the eclipse energy was being triggered by Venus passing the 19 degree mark of Aries..
This did exacerbate existing wars at the time, upset the political scene also, and I reminded people the last time this happened in Taurus was just before ww 2 began as the attacks began during the next Scorpio Full Moon.

That possibility has been averted so far despite some efforts to incite it by those who should know better and hopefully will stay so, but there is a lot more going on in the world.
The aspect coming of Mars/Uranus is very close to that Taurus degree and has a war like nature.

I hoped and still hope that these influences that are so volatile will pass us by as people may have grown in consciousness enough to avert the worst of it. However the point I am getting to is that there should have been a another shock happen to the world at that time with that aspect – something surprising and new and different as the Universe is wanting us out of our comfort zones and has in fact had many of us in a high state of anxiety in our daily lives with all sorts of the unexpected.
I still waiting for the main shock to hit us but expect it to be more of a positive but there is no way of knowing how it would pan out.

There have already been a lot of unexpected events such as the USA president allowing J u l i an a s s a n ge to go free. Why that and why now one asks? So they would appear the good guys – the Aust and USA leaders?

Then another politician, in his running for leadership has had a ruling by the high court that frees him to run for office , something else that most of the world didn’t expect after seeing the media version of happenings in relation to that particular man .
Media after all in these times is controlled almost fully by Presidents and PM's.

But back to my point, something was bound to trigger that very strong and rare aspect in Taurus once more and mid month July Mars and Uranus meet at 26 degrees Taurus, not too far from that original aspect .

Mars/Uranus is the nature of the “Tower” in Tarot, so something totally unexpected and even explosive involving vehicles or a public event , space comes into it too with the Uranus effect, technology maybe , science . It could happen underground due to the Taurus effect, but at any rate Taurus rules the senses so I am expecting something unusual and even shocking at that time that maybe we have not seen before or not en masse.

And so as it happens do several remote viewers believe, which you wouldnt hear much about on the media news, each with predictions similar of a very unusual event to come mid July .
There's yet another prediction by what is known as the web bot invented by a very clever and knowledgeable man who although I do not agree with all his philosophies on some subjects I do agree on many things as he also knows of the rising of consciousness and the end of the Kali Yuga age and how the Universe is wanting “renewal” in any form it can get in these times.
Hes been expecting a shock for the world also.

There could be news of other worldly happenings in the coming weeks if it is not hushed immediately but something highly unusual is afoot for sure imo near the 16th July , probably between then and the last Blue Moon on the 21st July at 29 degrees Capricorn , the fateful Anaretic degree again.
On the day of that 2nd Blue Full Moon Mars Moves into Gemini, so lots of news, lots of talking too after that date.
Pallas goes direct today at 19 Scorpio , again that degree of the total eclipse in April only in Aries. This forward movement can help us increase our awareness and understanding to help make life a little easier, where we need to find solutions to some fairly complex situations. Something can change in subtle or not so subtle ways in the areas of our birth charts where Scorpio rules.

Scorpios will benefit of course from this move.

Venus will move into Leo in two days time when the Sun is trine to Pallas . It good to have Mercury and Venus travelling together to keep our feelings in sync with our minds in the most creative of ways, to help us gain more confidence and speak out when needed.

This will be helpful in the coming 12 days for our senses to process all this strangeness happening globally and personally too.

The most important factor is to remember and say out loud or in our minds, “I AM“ so we can keep our own sense of unique self alive and well.

Art by Laron G Smith.
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