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Jul 21, 2016
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Clif posted the March 2017 Webbot (AKA Alta) report earlier this week (1-March).

I have a bit of a dilemma reporting on it this month. In his Twitter feed subsequent to posting Clif explained that the growing sharing and reposting of the webbot data is now causing him difficulties in processing to separate out true information about potential coming events from just a retelling of what is in his reports. He's struggling on what to do about it and will share more later once he decides the best approach.

Over the past six weeks I have noted that Clif is doing more and more interviews online. And more and more people are writing about his work. His popularity is snowballing but that brings with it the challenge of managing polluted data.

So for this month I plan to be much briefer than in the past. As always, I encourage people to go to his website at and purchase a full report for themselves. Reading the full report will help you process the information much more deeply and allow you to better discern what is and isn't true for you.

And now a briefer summary. I've added a leading keyword, same as Clif uses, to better able filtering out of this summary when he runs his reports:

ACK! Colder and wetter in many places. Crops suffer. Flooding.
ACK! Proponents of global warming are shown to be wrong and lose their shit. Coldness is what is coming with all that implies for humanity.
ACK! Major earthquakes in NW China and in California in US. California EQ in July-Aug timeframe this year. EQ's continue into 2020.
ACK! As the earth shifts new exposure to gold sources are displayed. There is a growing rush to gold globally.
ACK! Street battles between immigrants and the local population in Euro escalate over the summer. Then tail off this coming winter as cold weather discourages more immigration/refugees from coming.
ACK! A major market chaos environment escalates in March-April, especially in USA, then calms a bit in May. But it ain't over.
ACK! A very significant temporal marker for other significant events to occur (Antarctica info, high profile pedo-arrests, etc) is the move up in BTC value to exceed that of gold. Clif had forecast this to occur mid-April. However, after his report release, BTC exceeded and has stayed above the value of gold (on a BTC to oz of gold basis) since midweek. It appears that particular temporal marker has been met.
ACK! Even with all the chaos, there is a renewed sense of hope within the younger generation, especially in the USA. Old constraints are exposed and thrown off and excitement begins in working towards new opportunities where before the younger generations were being held down by the weight of the system.

Much, much more in the full report. I also encourage people to follow Clif's twitter feed as he provides daily updates on what is going and changing between his monthly reports. Lot's happening, quickly, now so it is a good source of more realtime data.

UPDATE: I see Clif posted a video summary of his March webbot via a review with Greg Hunter yesterday. Here's the link:
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