Magenta Pixie: New Earth and the Return to Eden (1 Viewer)

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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I just listened to the latest audio presentation from Magenta Pixie and was amazed at how strongly I resonated with the material! As the reading went on, I could feel a sustained "buzzing" sensation in the area of my Root Chakra and a profound sense of Peace and was strange, but very cool!!!

In this presentation, Magenta spoke about The Shift from 3D to 4 and 5D, how we are shifting energetically from a carbon- to a crystalline-based structure, and how the process manifests differently for individuals based upon the focus of their consciousness. She also explained how those who are still entrenched in duality, ego, and Service to Self have done their job...and it's time for them to be appreciated and "released". I found her explanation about how these "mirrors" serve to show many of us what we are not--and push us instead toward that which we are, to make a great deal of sense.

The reading/channeling was highly encouraging and seems to be just what many of us "Lightworkers", "Volunteers", or "Starseeds" need to hear during this time of profound change. I know it was exactly what I needed to hear!

It's clearly time for us to wake up and get to work...and if you feel that supporting positive change, healing, or helping others along their path is your mission in this life, I can't recommend this brief audio enough!

The New Earth is already here...and we're the ones who are making it happen.




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