Magenta Pixie: Donald Trump, The Media, The Illuminati, and The Starseeds (1 Viewer)

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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I've noticed a major "ramping up" of energies, circumstances, and opportunities on the global stage lately...and in this unusually "urgent" sounding video, Magenta sheds some very balanced Light on our current ascension situation. I only use the term "urgent" because it's rare that Magenta puts out a video so shortly on the heels of another--and her overall tone seemed to be a bit more concerned with time than usual.

This video is also a bit different in that it's actually more like a direct and very frank conversation with her watchers, rather than one of her usual readings. As the title of the post suggests, Magenta speaks openly about her discussions with "The Nine" about the US election and its importance to the future of humanity, the true motivations of the candidates, and the potentials for our planet now that Trump has been elected as President. She explains how the news media is currently being used to manipulate public opinion against Trump so that the Cabal/Illuminati can regain some element of control after his unexpected election.

She also discusses the importance of maintaining an element of neutrality to avoid becoming "trapped" in the duality of the system--instead, maintaining one's own sense of sovereignty and choosing the type of future one wishes to create outside the "matrix" of the controlled system.

I really appreciated the suggestions she had for supporting an outcome of the highest good for the benefit of well as suggestions for those who may be feeling the stresses of our current circumstances. I always love how she frequently encourages us, as volunteers, lightworkers, and starseeds, to remember that we are never alone...and that we are the ones who are presently making this transition of consciousness possible.

So whether you are just beginning to "wake up" to what's truly happening in our world or you're already wide awake and waiting for your own "spiritual marching orders", I can't recommend this enough:


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