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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Today the Moons nodes change signs to Gemini and Sagittarius preceding the first eclipse in a new set coming on 5/6th June this year and lasting until the end of 2021.

This move of the Nodes changes collective karmic focus from peoples security needs, plus old outdated rules and laws which are being challenged a lot lately, to that of communication and education, reviewed laws especially involving different countries of the world, and travel plus other areas ruled by the signs, such as sport .

This move also brings focus to mingling in cities or social groups and/or being more isolated from the world.

We will learn more about this when the eclipses begin which will bring back world travel over the coming year, starting with shorter journeys which will begin more than likely near the first eclipse of the 3 that happen in June/July, on the 5th/6th June, 3 being a rare event with the other two being Cancer/Capricorn, as the end of an era approaches for the globe.

The last eclipse will be on the 4th/5th July, more than likely bringing a few law suits around the world to sort out over the major crisis in our economies, and other matters that have not yet been addressed legally during this world crisis.

Today the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Taurus to encourage practical and grounded thinking as Taurean energies bring us back into our bodies to enjoy the actual pleasures of life again as rules begin to ease, so we are reminded that life does go on even amongst and after a massive shock to our collective lifestyles and personal freedom, not to mention fear and panic.

(The word Pandemic contains both those words and also pain, and epic).
We can all relate to that.

Today is a day of clear thinking on all areas that we deem valuable to our lives, including people.

The Scorpio full moon coming adds depth to this and the Sun keeps the light shining in any darkness, so our minds are able to process what is needed to move ahead in our routines and every day lives.

A good day of planning for the same especially for Taureans and the usual Mercurial folk among us, Leos of course being Sun people, but the Sun also includes all of us who are thinking people and brings a new vitality to our lives and thoughts at this time.

If any heads are buried in the sand perhaps they will come out today with a whole new outlook and appreciation of life, plus a few lightbulb moments, thanks to the full moon and this aspect.

There's also a lovely quintile of Sun to Ceres in Pisces to add some compassion and understanding to our thinking for all who are suffering at this time or those who are fearful.

A quintile aspect is 72 degrees and empowers us , enhances our mental abilities, and Ceres is of the nature of Taurus and Cancer, so those sign qualities are important at this time with regard to our security levels and how we nurture others and, encouraging us to get back to living in a way that helps and motivates others, helping us to forget about the differences and the blame for a while..


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