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Low light plants


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I remember on my first post for Helpful House plants that @Brooke was looking for low light plants. Today I just so happened to plant some as replacements for a few I lost.

1. Pilea sprucceana "Silver Tree"
  • Fertilize every month
  • Temps should be 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • High water usage, but best to keep too dry than too wet
  • Likes indirect low light
  • Has a fast growth rate and only gets to a max of 12 inches
  • Roots easily from cuttings
  • Not for human or animal consumption
2. Fittonia argyroneura "Superba"
  • Easy to grow
  • Fertilize monthly
  • Temps should be 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium water usage
  • Likes indirect low light
  • Likes high humidity-perfect for terrariums or bottle gardens
  • Has fast growth rate
  • Propagates easily from leaf-tip cuttings
  • Not for human or animal consumption
3. Syngonium podophyllum "Holly" aka
Arrowhead Plant
  • Easy to grow
  • Fertilize every month
  • Temps should be 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium water usage-dry out between
  • Likes indirect low light
  • Prefers high humidity
  • Propagate through cuttings which easily root in water
  • As they grow they get into a climbing habit
  • Not for human or animal consumption
4. Dracaena bravnii "Lucky Bamboo"
  • Easy to grow
  • Likes indirect light-too much light burns leaves
  • Does not need much fertilization
  • Can grow in water or soil-if in water do a complete water change every few weeks and try to use distilled or filtered water
  • Propagate through vegetative propagation
  • Popular Feng Shui plant
  • Actually not a member of bamboo family
All photos shared are mine
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Thanks - all I have inside is low light.


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It is definitely appreciated lovely! Thank you for thinking of me :) I have been trying to plan how best to incorporate them into my home so the more advice and suggestions I can get, the better! <3


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