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May 3, 2019
Love is the most powerful tool on the earth. It makes no difference, wheter a country is now police state or just governd. The fact of dealing with people their own people is not decent. As much as the criminals and the bad guys must be fought, a security agency should not have the right, to make life difficult for the people.

I still cannot understand, why the people are making always such a drama bout security. It may be true, that crime is increasing, but that is still no right, to treat people like that. It has to be clear, that peoples treatment has not to be dignified. Equally, however, it may not be allowed to for a nation to be attacked impaired of the terms of security.

It may be true, that there are some things, that the government does not for the people, but it is impudence, to act that way and handle their own state. In my humble opinion, I see it critcally, that the yellow vests meet their demands as they occur, because that only disturbs the image of their country and develops a negative repuation. The protagonist violence is also superfluous and ugly.

As much as the yellow vests want changes, they do not their target by angering and provoking the police. This is


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Nov 1, 2018
It does not matter if the yellow vests provoke the police or not. In the US, if the police say you must disperse, you must disperse or get arrested and face jail time. Some police agencies ignore this rule (which is not a law), unless property or lives are in danger. By the law made from elected officials, the police were given the right to make rules which will help them do their job, but sometimes these rules, or implementation thereof, are used to abuse and harass the citizens.

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