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Hailstones Melt

Hailstones Melt

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Aug 15, 2016
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Thank you, Melt. I’ve just finished rereading The Hermit, and was planning on sharing the type of things you have, you’ve saved me the trouble and probably done a much better job.

I had to smile at the way the Hermit described things he had no knowledge of that to us is quite common. I also felt that their treatment of him was sometimes less than loving, they didn’t seem to take into consideration that he would naturally be terrified. A bit like humans treat some of the animals they capture perhaps, we don’t think they have any feelings, maybe they thought the Hermit, being a savage, didn’t have any.
While reading I asked several times. Where is Love. the love we talk about on RT. I will be interested if you feel the same, Melt.

Yesterday I received the two I ordered, The Rampa Story and The Third Eye. Having lost my original ones, so look forward to rereading those.
Sorry, June, if I missed your point and you meant why the Gardeners didn't show a loving side, I think because they too are just an evolving ego-mind, although much longer lived than us if you count in Earth years (but you shouldn't because their Universe doesn't handle time the same way, and probably doesn't handle free will the same way, either!) They did treat him a bit like a circus monkey, but then they had the dilemma that they couldn't explain their actions because he didn't have enough experience to comprehend them - it would have all sailed over his head.

They did have a council of Wise Ones, (who interestingly numbered 9). I'm pretty sure a direct meeting with the Wise Ones would have emanated love, but such a meeting was not to be, they were even further distanced.


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Nov 1, 2018
I also felt that their treatment of him was sometimes less than loving, they didn’t seem to take into consideration that he would naturally be terrified.
I didn't see any info about what the abductors looked like, so I'll just comment on the grays. The grays have bred out their emotions and have the ability to block all pain, so they assume humans can do that too. So what that tells us is the grays are not so spiritually advanced than we are led to believe, because assumptions about a different group, whether it's a good or bad assumption, is still prejudice. Some of the grays are good, some are bad.

These very rough abductions with no pain control have only started to change around the year 2000. They have instituted a "nurse" type gray which tries to calm the human down, though reports are mixed as to how the grays apply pain control to the human. As with any bureaucracy, change will be slow.

I honestly haven't seen many abduction cases by anything other than grays. The grays are master geneticists and thus they are often involved in taking blood, gamete or cell samples (like gouging out a piece of skin) during abductions.

While the patriarchy thing is something I agree has happened, here's an interesting tidbit. The patriarchy has been going on for 2000-3000 years at least. It was pushed on earth by the bad guys, but the good guys allowed it to happen as an experiment, or trial if you will. As you can see by history, the bad guys pushed for extremism, and that's exactly what happened. But that is all supposed to change now, but women need to get up and take authority and actually be leaders. However, I do not assume what type authority women are supposed to take, it could be anything, even something we cannot imagine. This does not mean more women will have more power in politics or corporations, they could become master healers and lead that way, so they can lead by loving and giving.

There is so much pain men are forced to experience, somewhat by societal pressures, somewhat by choice, that they really need a giver to help them heal at this point in history. So women, lots and lots of women, becoming healers of many types, would be a good idea at this time. But it is still up to men to admit they need healing and seek out that healing.

All I know is I'm amazed at what a strong healer my sister is!
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Jul 28, 2016
This does not mean more women will have more power in politics or corporations, they could become master healers and lead that way, so they can lead by loving and giving.
I could definitely see this being a big part of the solution.

There are still many barriers I see in having this fully take place; listing them would be a whole 'nuther article, lol:-))

It's also clear that this is a vital piece and that it is happening, with both many men and women healers becoming available again, of different types. I specifically use the word 'healers' here because I've noticed that the concept of being able to 'heal', ie fully transform a hurt into a 'neutral' or even 'positive' strength (think Chiron archetype for turning a hurt into a strength) is a tricky word to use in many medical setting these days. There seems to be a lot of pushback on that specific term and the concept that disease can be healed by anything other than aggressive new technologic advances. If we can't imagine it, we can't make it happen. So using the word 'healing' with its implications of fully curing a disease without aggressive technology (and all its side effects) is an important piece.

Feminine and masculine styles of healing tend to be different (with, of course, plenty of crossover). The systems of healing are designed differently when women are in charge which allows different modalities to naturally come into play more prominently. Just take a quick look at the history of midwives and healing herb women, spiritual healing women and similar traditions for hints at how this might look.
And don't forget to look at how violently these traditions have so often been suppressed!

Another obvious focus with women in charge would be a muuuuch more proactive approach to healing and nurturing our young. You could call that preventive; things that allow a child to shed trauma layers before they grow into them and grow into something closer to their full potential. It requires a world with a very different focus than our current one for this to be done safely.
It also leads naturally to a world full of more healers<3

Note: Boy, therium, you really got me going on that one!;)
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