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A head to toe beginners look at the "mind awake body asleep" state —itself. And obstacles to achieving it. I highly recommend Frederick Aardema's paper, Focus 10 : Mind Awake / Body Asleep which can be found on Amazon for .99 cents. I will include here a few paragraphs from the segment titled : The real deal: a deep focus 10.

Paper by Frederick Aardema

The real deal: A deep focus 10

"A deeper focus 10 represents a further phase shift away from the physical, which basically involves a more pronounced reduction in the cutaneous senses. You will know you are well on your way towards a deeper focus 10 when the position of your limbs is not entirely clear to you. For example, you may have the feeling that your arm is bent rather than straight along your body (if that is its actual position). I wouldn't immediately assume here that you are partially "out of body". Rather, I would consider it a side effect of the reduction in the cutaneous senses creating various illusions as to the exact position of your limbs. Suffice to say, that once these sensations occur you are close to a full-fledged focus 10. However, once again, it's a matter of keeping your awareness flexible and receptive for matters to progress further:

Fixating your awareness on a particular object (like your body) is not going to do much. Awareness needs the freedom to move to be able to go anywhere. Going inward is an excellent way to establishing that freedom. So don't keep your awareness continuously fixated in any one particular spot (whether the blackness in front of your eyes or your body), but start to move into the "expanse of your mind" in a free-floating type of way. If at any point 'bodily' vibrations or other energetic sensations occur which require your attention, you can always return to that "bodily point of view".

As the cutaneous senses retreat more and more, you may quite suddenly start to feel you that you only exist in your "head". If there were any problems with obsessive swallowing or being unable to no longer attend to your breathing then this should no longer pose a problem in this deeper focus 10. At this point, your body is truly asleep in terms of its sense of touch. The lessened sense of being in the body tends to bring along a feeling of "being in the head" and as such, sometimes the "head space" may feel somewhat enlarged. You can still focus on your spatial position and whatever remains of the sensation of your body, but do not stay fixated on it.

This awareness of almost solely existing "in the head" with little awareness of the body can quite suddenly come over you. If you are aware of moving into focus 10 fully and completely, these transitions into different stages of consciousness are often characterized by a narrowing or funneling of attention followed by a sense of consciousness stabilizing afterwards towards the blackness in front of your eyes. This is fairly mild in the case of moving into focus 10, but it is possible for example to move straight from the waking state to focus 12 while skipping everything in between in which case the sensations are more pronounced."


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