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Jul 25, 2016
I'm super excited about this… a long time in the making, and finally it hatches: Lightships! If you're in the UK, do try to make this event. Bring friends!

Film news: On July 3, 2021, in the middle of the UK, a long-awaited event initiates a great transformation. Be part of it. Experience the world premiere of "Lightships" followed by a live Q&A with writer/director John Harrigan & cast at the iconic Broadway Theatre, Letchworth. UK friends: Book your tickets and be there! Share this post with your friends… they'll thank you "Lightships" is based on my book "Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact"

More info: https://www.broadway-letchworth.com/cinema/whats-on/lightships-world-premiere-incl-live-qa

Trailer: https://www.lightships.info/trailer
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